Peru Declares No-fly Zone in Coca-growing Region


I think this is a very important step in the campaign to slow coca production in the VRAEM. I seems that President Humala is being very careful in ensuring he obtains approval from congress to approve the legislation and ensure the policy has the appropriate level of legitimacy.

The 2001 incident and subsequent shot down of the interdiction program had a significant negative impact on counternarcotic operations in Peru. Reinstating the program will give DEVIDA an important capability.

“The United States, which supports Humala's anti-drug policies, is legally barred from providing certain types of aid to countries that allow authorities to shoot down suspected drug trafficking planes.”

My knowledge of the US policy and regulations as they apply to lethal aerial interdiction is limited. I will have to research to learn if this is significant. Hopefully, someone with expertise in this area will weight in.