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This paper examines two “Tri-Border” areas in Latin America. Criminal demographics and dynamics of illicit markets and related security concerns are reviewed.

This paper examines potential covert operation scenarios against the DPRK by dissecting retired Army Special Forces Colonel David S. Maxwell’s latest essay.

It’s time to rethink our notions of security. And it appears that the Department of Defense is leaning in that direction.

Because of their technical features and low profile design characteristics, narco submarines allow drug traffickers to reduce the risk of detection and seizure.

The pervasive presence of CCTV in cities underpins much of contemporary security, policing and defence, against anti-social behaviour, crime and terrorism.

The Veteran internally recalls, reflects and remembers the very personal and unique aspects of that time served There.

Remember the burdens every generation of veterans have borne to remain vigilant in an uncertain world. Originally posted by SWJ on 10 November 2012.

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Is President Obama breaking his frequently iterated promise of no troops on the ground, or is it just a crucial tactical adjustment?

The Department of Defense should remember that the concept of “evolve or die” applies to the Services.

Training must take into consideration the planning process and the effects on operations by the presence of MANPADS in an area of operations.

The communist Afghan Army was established with traditions and a structure that dated back to the 1800s. It also inherited a healthy society, and a government with functioning...

This is a retrospective analysis of my anecdotal observations in Vietnam’s Third Military Region 1971-75. *Updated with map.

Within two years of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez’s death, his regionally inspired “Bolivarian Revolution” is currently facing the largest threat...

Strategic, operational, and tactical actions the US should take in each dimension of the information environment to counter the ISIL's asymmetric, and apparently dominant...

All of the gender “experiments” that the services have been undergoing for some time now have been a sideshow.

RAF’s full potential for solving today’s complex threats to security cannot be fully realized with existing training models and force structure.

Few have looked at jihadi groups in the context of classical military strategy but perhaps surprisingly the jihadis themselves view their ideas through exactly that lens.

The gap between civilian and military spheres is institutionally marginal and culturally absent. Civil-military relations are defined by a system based on pluralism and ...

The inability of the military to consistently and uniformly articulate readiness makes our political leaders less able to make the decisions necessary to secure our national...

As the Army seeks to adjust for the future it must carefully examine its aviation component based on not only cost, but also capabilities.

To what extent did British forces adhere to the use of the minimal force to restore order, a principle which is perceived by some as a pivotal point of the British COIN...

The world is in turmoil; the geostrategic security environment is rapidly changing, with new, and adaptive threats facing the NATO Alliance.

Col Robert Dixon continues a theme popular among many military theorists which advocates for immediate change to longstanding principles of military doctrine and science.

After two years, the United States has little evidence that efforts to degrade and subsequently destroy the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is working. 

Rapid technological advancement over the last three decades has resulted in extraordinary discoveries and advancements in the biotechnology field.

China seems to have abandoned its cautiously courteous policies in Afghanistan in favor of a more hands on approach.

There are likely few strategic concepts that instigate arguments more than Clausewitz’s Center of Gravity - Schwerpunkt - the point where all force must be...

"Reorganize the current US presence into a smaller force, augmented with remote sensing equipment."

ISIS is displaying a level of tactical skill foreign to most terrorist groups, but familiar to any conventional military officer.