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The Government of the Republic of the Philippines is confronted by a persistent communist insurgency, the origins of which date back to 1968.

Has the United States Air Force selected the most operationally capable strike aircraft for the future FID mission in Afghanistan?

Ethnic Conflicts and the Muslim Question in Philippine Politics: Why Current Efforts at Conflict-Resolution Fail.

Some have questioned such a panel for cadets.  One officer/faculty member who exemplifies this attitude said this past April, “we don’t want second...

The practitioners of VSO operate nearly entirely in the spaces of communities damaged by combinations of traumatizing violence, loss, displacement, starvation, death and...

How to Improve U.S. National Security Strategies - Presented to The Center for Army Analysis on 17 September 2013.

How quickly a force can achieve national endstates is the speed that is vital to our nation’s elements of national power.  This speed may mean slower operational...

This past Wednesday, the anniversary of 9/11, I was standing in a parking lot and heard the unmistakable sound that is forever imbedded in my mind.

"Still reeling from the Defeat of Global Communism in the War of Ideas."

This Spanish language SWJ-El Centro article is intended to stimulate debate among Latin American security professionals.

As we near the 20- year anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu, it is worthwhile to look back at US and UN involvement in that effort to see what we have learned and can...

Tactics, Techniques and Procedures basic to Infantrymen and modified to fit the Security Force Assistance Team environment.

The future of Egypt’s government, and thus the future of its citizens, foreign relations, economy, security, and many other key areas, is currently a black hole.

Big Expeditionary COIN, a Small Wars Journal Interview with T.X. Hammes.

With the economy groaning, one major conflict finished, and another winding down, the struggle for dwindling resources is well underway. The losers in this struggle are...

This is the third in a series of three articles that discuss analytics of the human dimension of conflict.

This is the second in a series of three articles that discuss analytics of the human dimension of conflict.

This is the first in a series of three articles that discuss analytics of the human dimension of conflict.

Reflections on the "Counterinsurgency Decade": Small Wars Journal Interview with General David H. Petraeus.

Without the funds we have enjoyed for the last decade, we have to increase our emphasis on maximizing the efficiency of military spending.

Small Wars Journal book review: The Young Ataturk: From Ottoman Soldier to Statesman of Turkey by George Gawrych.

The Arab Spring was neither very Arab nor the blossoming of something new as much as a resurfacing of deep-seated conflicts.

Syrian refugee camps in Turkey are major breeding grounds for anti-U.S. sentiment.

The Army must change the definitions of landpower and land control to establish a firm conceptual baseline from which national and military strategies are developed.

H.R.-2606 seeks to turn lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan into practical legacies looking ahead instead of deterrents to action so that cross-border crises of the future can be...

We Americans tend to invent for ourselves a comfortable U.S.-centric vision with an enemy who looks and acts more or less as we do, and a situation in which the fighting is...

This SWJ article compares the British handling of the Malayan Emergency (1948-1960) with that of the French in Algeria (1954-1962).

"Along with the rest of the U.S. government, the Department of Defense depends on cyberspace to function. It is difficult to overstate this reliance."

This article is a working paper designed to present the early findings of my research to the field, particularly the model of insurgency which is still in its early...

In Afghanistan, and across much of the developing world, agriculture is the primary enterprise and key to local food security, as well as national and regional political...