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A Contrarian’s Lament

Understanding how Egyptian's understand their past rebellions

Refining analytical methods for a better war

Better understanding the so-called Arab Spring

Imperatives for Confronting Irregular Challenges

A Revisionist Approach to Foreign Policy

Overcoming apathy through empowerment is the key to success in Afghanistan

Is the threat of AQAP overblown and sensationalized?

20 Articles of Effective Assessments in Counterinsurgency

Author describes operations in Iraq in 2008

Social Scientist explores human emotions and reactions in the conflict in Iraq

Theory of elasticity suggests gun control measures are ineffective without a corresponding increase in security.

Author describes his unit's methodology of measuring effectiveness in Afghanistan

Declassified outline of Rhodesian Tips, Tactics, and Procedures in COIN.

Nearly ten years into the war, the Afghan Army still struggles to learn basic soldiering skills.

A conversation on the United States military's history of manhunting.

Can local law enforcement use technology to deter riots?

Are Al Qaeda's piracy and raiding efforts merely disruption tactics or part of a larger strategy for control of the Middle East's waterways?

How does your organization think, and how does it not think?

Former Battalion Commander describes frustrations of command relationships in Afghanistan and offers recommendations.

Is Pakistan in a low-level equilibrium trap or simply too focused on India?  Octavian investigates for SWJ.

An American-designed strategy attempts to link counterinsurgency and traditional development programs in Yemen and thereby provide a model that can be applied elsewhere....

Current doctrine framing Irregular Warfare is wrong -- historically, semantically and conceptually -- and should be reexamined to enable decision-makers at all levels to...

Current doctrine fails to fully expound on the tactical leader's involvement in economic activity and the necessity for achieving sustainable economic development in the...

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