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The current US/EU two-track policy on Iran, which includes the imposition of an oil embargo, is not sufficient to break the current nuclear stalemate.

As we begin to imagine a post-Long War era, a renewed appreciation of the fundamental building blocks of world order is required.

This dialogue between anthropologists Howard Campbell and Tobin Hansen explores the relationship between violence, politics, and terrorism in Mexico’s narco-conflict....

After more than a decade of overseas operations since Sept. 11, 2001, there is a needed moment of reassessment as to how to equip, train and even fund the military.

To facilitate operational success and to provide clarity for Service members, Joint Force leaders must have clear codes of conduct developed for their organizations.

Much of the discussion of a ‘military takeover’ is the phantasmagoria of the radical fringe that sees conspiracies and plots everywhere.  This fever-swamp...

  Will we “learn” the same lessons we learned after Vietnam again? (…and, by the way, what were those lessons?)

Critiquing the Critique of British COIN

What role should attack aviation play on future battlefields to best support ground forces in achieving their objectives?

A British model, an American model, a Robinson model.

The CIA’s Small War that Killed the Monroe Doctrine and Marked a New Era of American Diplomacy  

Operations in Safar focused on ridding the area of enemy fighters and not mimicking the standard gain a foot hold and chasing ghosts through a minefield tactics.

A history and discussion of the Lebanese Shi'a Party of Allah

Identity-based conflicts are purposefully incited and strategically prepared by means of targeted mass communication. 

A look at decision-making in Vietnam.

It does not matter if one shows courage or leadership in Iraq or Afghanistan, if they return to meekly let the military industrial complex’s moral corruption continue...

Herodotus had it right when he considered the Caspian Sea to be landlocked. 

Considering an active cyber defense.

If we're to face a period of persistent global conflict, then officers are professionally obligated to consider the conduct of operations on U.S. soil.

If one believes they are in the Clear/Hold phase and they are taking regular casualties, then I believe a change to disruption would make a difference.

Disruptive Technology and Reforming the Pentagon Establishment—Part III

What role does Iraq play in the development of the Syrian crisis?

A provocative essay.  What say you?

The team applied new new software, called RASCAL, to the provinces of Helmand, Kandahar, and Zabul in Afghanistan and found that Zabul was over-represented among the most...

This type of massive COIN effort is only one extreme of a long continuum of policy options.  If we want to keep COIN from becoming a 'dirty word,' we need to...

How the MRAP was pushed past the objections of the Pentagon Establishment.

Our team produced design deliverables that established a narrative and conveyed a recommendation that had a structured organizing logic associated with its creation.

Ramazan is expected to occur July 20 thru August 18, 2012.

As India’s ambitions and might grow, attachments to the UN and to UNPKOs are eroding in favor of more hard-headed assessments

Now is the time for the United Nations to harden the edges of their action and provide a new resolution.