The lack of guidance regarding how to identify which form of legitimacy a population recognizes and what steps need to be taken to alter a population’s perceptions is a...

Recent budget debates have featured emotional discussions about reforming the military retirement system. This is not a new phenomenon; there have been more than a dozen...

Drones and special forces get the headlines, but pundits have missed a more fundamental shift in the nature and direction of American national security policy.

Bing West, John Nagl, Mark Moyar, Thomas Mockaitis, Christopher Paul, Douglas Ollivant, Gian Gentile, and David Anderson share their views

For Whom will the American Military Fight if our Governmental System is Challenged?

Dust off the plans from 2009, Here is a "Way" to Organize for the Transition Mission

Is there really anything new under the sun?

International legal institutions, media outlets, human rights NGO’s should be leveraged to the US advantage as part of a focused and coherent counterlawfare strategy....

The book is not doctrine.  It invites those interested in influencing the outcome of ‘internal’ armed conflicts to weave together ideology, politics,...

Should we continue to embrace the status quo, we will jeopardize our ability to achieve the aims of our current National Security Strategy

Retired Indian General and Small Wars Council extraordinaire Ray visits to talk all things India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan

Targeting Maoist-affected areas with increased funding and attention is probably good policy, but it is likely not an overstatement to say anti-Maoist success will correlate...

The government of India has proclaimed this Naxalite – Maoist movement to be the greatest threat to national security. This may become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Spanish translation of Urban Land Use by Illegal Armed Groups in Medellin

We collect lessons learned, but do we learn from the lessons collected?

Can Soft Power Take The Lead In Iraq?

A review of Sylvia Longmire's work on Cartels

We are woefully under-trained.  The troops can absorb and do far more than we tend to credit them.  Our training is mostly designed to be easy on the trainers and...

Perspective from the Tactical Level of Operations

Truth to Power with Information Operations in Khost Province

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This essay proposes integrating elements of design thinking into the Mission Analysis and COA Development steps of the JOPP to develop the variety of options that the POTUS...

From Classic Conventional Deterrence to a “Lloyd’s of London” Posture

Population-centric COIN should only mean you understand the people—not that you necessarily do anything for them.

Testimony on Emerging Threats and Capabilities

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