The world is in turmoil; the geostrategic security environment is rapidly changing, with new, and adaptive threats facing the NATO Alliance.

Col Robert Dixon continues a theme popular among many military theorists which advocates for immediate change to longstanding principles of military doctrine and science.

After two years, the United States has little evidence that efforts to degrade and subsequently destroy the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is working. 

Rapid technological advancement over the last three decades has resulted in extraordinary discoveries and advancements in the biotechnology field.

China seems to have abandoned its cautiously courteous policies in Afghanistan in favor of a more hands on approach.

There are likely few strategic concepts that instigate arguments more than Clausewitz’s Center of Gravity - Schwerpunkt - the point where all force must be...

"Reorganize the current US presence into a smaller force, augmented with remote sensing equipment."

ISIS is displaying a level of tactical skill foreign to most terrorist groups, but familiar to any conventional military officer.

In this paper, we will introduce another region in the world in which there are networks that are competing for influence, Kano, Nigeria.

Five years after the establishment of Cyber Command the U.S. is confronted with another advance in technology that requires a re-evaluation of the concepts of maneuver in a...

What are hybrid threats and why have they received so much attention lately?

Few things have been more emblematic of the military and, indeed, political aspects of the Obama War Powers legacy than drones.

The possibility of Mexican drug cartels establishing close ties to Islamic terrorist groups and the transformation of criminal organizations into terrorist groups, and vice...

We should be careful not to confuse sympathy for the victims of the Kunduz hospital incident with an assumption that the attack was in violation of international law.

I argue that there is direct relationship between liberty and democracy. In order to have democracy, a state must value individual liberty and subscribe to liberal values.

Most stakeholders fail to appreciate that Afghanistan is fighting a parallel, and far less visible, battle that is likely to have a profound effect on the fate of the country...

A great man is not necessarily good or popular. Vladimir Putin may be such a man. The American president is not.

This paper examines threat insights as they pertain to each of the Long-Range Investment Requirements Analysis investment categories.

To mitigate potential consequences on children, military families need to understand and proactively address potential traumatic effects separation can have on dependents.

The author attempts to summarize the important facets of the entanglement between U.S. strategy and emerging technologies.

Written and directed by Matthew Heineman, “Cartel Land”, also available in Spanish as “Tierra de carteles,” is a timely and graphic documentary.

Tactics, techniques and procedures for the successful application of Decision Point Tactics while conducting Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield in a decisive action...

When everything is strategic, nothing is strategic.

Single-point solutions developed by government experts have failed to account for dynamic and volatile global conditions highly resistant to predetermined resolution.

Each nation brings unique capabilities to the team and learning how to maximize the effectiveness of these capabilities requires consistent training among the different...

The US strategy of selecting reliable proxies against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria based on their ideological leanings is proving to be disastrous.

The ISIS’ caliphate and the security challenges it portends. These problems have been poorly addressed by the Administration’s low cost/minimum risk ...

SWJ interview with William McCants on The ISIS Apocalypse: The History,...

The creation of operational level of war between strategy and tactics in U.S. doctrine resulted from a misunderstanding of the operational art and its relationship to both...

We remain quiet because it’s good to be hard and professional, cloaked in the comfort of our own delusion.