A few observations on the new COIN manual "Insurgencies and Countering Insurgencies".

Insurgencies and Countering Insurgencies: 21st Century Doctrine for an Ancient Way of War - Review of the new COIN manual.

The ability of Americans and partners to coordinate and cooperate will greatly influence how successful we are at addressing the international security threats of the 21st...

As long as Syrian President Bashir al-Assad is allowed to stay, Syria’s future is sectarian division between Alawites/Shia and Sunni/Kurds. Christians will have no...

Effective discourse can have very real and significant influence on military decisions and is a key to better group decision making.

How grievances have become a tool of Islamic extremists intent on righting perceived wrongs as determined by their interpretations of Islam.

This article provides ten tips focused at the tactical level to assist combat leaders on advising host nation security forces on using warrant based targeting.

"... Still coming from William Lind, the “self-professed” inventor, or re-inventor, of the concept of maneuver warfare it cannot be lightly disregarded....

Dueling With Clausewitz: Games of Preemption, Wars of Attrition, and Deconstructing a Classic Analogy for Understanding the Fundamental Nature of the First World War

The IC largely fails to plan and take into consideration sociocultural facets typical to a population within the purview of a unit’s operational environment.

Schizophrenic Doctrine: Why We Need to Separate Democratization Out of Stability and COIN Doctrine

By assessing individual megacities through this framework, the Army can better understand how it might operate as part of a joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and...

What we propose is unique, demanding, immersive, and fills a necessary gap.  This article is a condensed form of a more detailed analysis and description of the proposed...

The proper question is not what helicopter should the Army be using today, but rather what should the Army be developing for tomorrow.

Calling “Team Yankee”: Why the U.S. Needs Heavy Armor Back in Europe

The goal of this paper is to contribute to the debate surrounding the question of whether or not American foreign policy has become excessively interventionist.

Not only does non-lethal anti-access represent an option for America’s potential adversaries, in some cases it is the only option, and may be the option of last resort...

From Riots to Vigil: The Community, the Police and Mark Duggan’s Legacy

This article thus aims to bring back to light India’s national security policies following the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

"Russia seized on an opportunity and took the initiative."

This is meant as a poetic book review of The Insurgents by Fred Kaplan. It is about how General Petraeus and others tried to advance Army doctrine by incorporating...

The military must be kept in conversation with the populace it serves or risk the rise of a warrior class unable to relate to or understand the public they are defending.

The purpose of this essay is to enter into an ongoing debate regarding the definition of an ended insurgency.

High-level language skills for Special Forces personnel are a requirement for current and future operations, but they are very difficult and costly to achieve and maintain....

Lessons from the Post 9/11 Campaigns: Small Wars Journal Discussion with General John R. Allen.

VSO incorporates aspects of a US sponsored insurgency by attempting to expand government influence and administration to areas under the control of an occupying power.

Cyberwar is War: A Critique of “Hacking Can Reduce Real-World Violence”

The Lieutenant Don't Know: One Marine's Story of Warfare and Combat Logistics in Afghanistan by Captain Jeffrey Clement.

There is no shortage of literature on Hezbollah’s history, ideology and strategies, but comparatively less addressing the group’s involvement in the Syrian...

Conceptualizing Human Domain Management: Human Network Analysis and Engagement (HNAE) Operations