In the 21st century, there has been an apparent shift in the operations of Mexican criminal organizations since the onset of democratization.

Cameron H. Holmes, Organized Crime in Mexico: Assessing the Threat to North American Economies. Lincoln, NE: Potomac Books, 2014, 200 Pages.

The focus of this interview was ISIS and the current crisis is Syria and Iraq.  While the actual interview will be made available by SMA, I am providing the answers I...

If this “luck” can be programmed as an Artificial Intelligence algorithm, then unmanned aviation will truly enter the robotic age.

The international aid community continues to underestimate the power of religion as a potential partner in the context of post-conflict statebuilding.

The purposeful destruction and ransacking of cultural properties has been with us probably for as long as there has been war.

Strategy cannot stand on its own.  Strategy exists to support a purpose, its success or failure measured against that purpose.

The 2008 Russian invasion of Georgia and its ongoing intervention in Ukraine demonstrates an increasing reliance on the military and security services as instruments of its...

Responding to a perceived increase in radicalization among American Muslims, the White House recently convened a summit on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE).

It is time to recognize the central problem and to understand that nuclear weapons and human suffering are the result of one thing:  the existence of the Kim Family...

On-going research on “mega-cities” highlights aspects of large, unplanned cities that make them an operational challenge.

An Army culture that valued robust formations with overwhelming resources must now transform into a culture that embraces the reorganization of the current operational force...

Tony M. Kail, Narco-Cults:...

We should recognize that the enemies we fought in Afghanistan and Iraq possessed many advantages, including a level of freedom and knowledge that we sometimes ignore.

Today’s terrorist organizations more resemble organized criminal organizations rather than the strictly political or military organizations they once were.

How can we be at war with an ideology, what is it that attracts its members, and can an ideology really be combated?

The acquisition of Unmanned Aerial Systems by non-state actors will require U.S. forces to modify operational procedures in an approaching era of ubiquitous surveillance.

The most dangerous problem in Libya is the spread of an ISIS-led insurgency that threatens to undermine the stability of the entire region.

The demands on the Active Component necessitates Security Cooperation solutions with the breadth of scope and malleability that can only be optimized by incorporating the US...

Unless the Federal Government of Somalia is able to arrive at a political solution and consolidate control of the country future military victories on the battlefield will...

Chapter One, Genesis: Day & Night

The once-praised concept known as population-centric counterinsurgency, typically abbreviated simply as "COIN", has fallen on hard times.

A review of Thieves of State: How Corruption Threatens Global Security by Sarah Chayes.

Fifteen police officers were killed in a ‘military-style’ ambush in Jalisco on 6 April 2015. The attack resulted in the highest death toll in a single attack...

The current military approach relegates narratives to a supporting communications effort. Inasmuch, the US military continues to struggle with employing information as an...

Writing and advice in the military often focus on key developmental positions – even though we spend most of our time on staff or broadening assignments.

If training and using allies continues as the US way of war, then the latest generation of US Advisors should add Vegetius to their bookshelves.

Emili J. Blasco, a Washington correspondent for ABC Spain, authored a groundbreaking new book focusing on the corruption in Venezuelan politics.

This article examines how the analytical methods developed during World War II influenced future military intelligence analysis in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Those of us focused on the narrative battle are pretty much in agreement about one thing: we are losing. We are losing badly.