January, 2016

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January, 2016

Australian special forces helped the Iraqi Army, et al, retake Ramadi from ISIS in December, 2015.

Pictured: an Australian SOTG long range patrol in Afghanistan in 2009. Source: Australia Dept of Defence via Wikipedia, CC BY 2.0. Still waiting here on newer action cam footage from last month's closer in ops.

Articles Published During January, 2016

01/01 - Social Media in an Army Brigade: One Year of Learning by Mick Ryan
01/02 - On Self-Declared Caliph Ibrahim’s December 2015 Speech: Further Evidence for Critical Vulnerabilities in the Crumbling Caliphate by Paul Kamolnick
01/03 - Culture and Coercion: Revisiting the Kosovo War by Josh Wiitala
01/03 - Deterring Chinese Aggression by Nathan A. Jennings
01/04 - New Year Message to Agamemnon (Don’t Shoot the Messenger) by Sergio Miller
01/04 - Man, Computer, and Special Warfare by Patrick Duggan
01/05 - Shifting Focus from U.S. Technological Dominance to U.S.-Allied Dominance by Elizabeth Royall
01/06 - The Continuing Need for a Special Relationship with the United Kingdom by Daniel E. Ward
01/07 - Covert Intelligence versus the American Body Politic? by Joshua A. Perkins
01/08 - The New Generation of Operational Concepts by George M. Gross
01/08 - A Revolution in Military Affairs versus “Evolution”: When Machines are Smart Enough! by Tom Keeley
01/09 - Ruling the Kingdom: US Agency in the Saudi Arabian Nuclear Proliferation Puzzle by Peter J. Kalogiros
01/11 - Time for a Comprehensive Strategy Against Islamic Terrorism in 2016 by Jamsheed K. Choksy and Carol E. B. Choksy
01/12 - Red Team: How to Succeed by Thinking Like the Enemy - A Book Review by James King
01/15 - Assessing New Frontiers: Methamphetamines and the Emerging China-Mexico Connection by Roger J. Chin
01/15 - Review of Gangster Warlords: Drug Dollars, Killing Fields, and The New Politics of Latin America by Robert Bunker
01/16 - Maintaining the Operational Reserve by Brad Striegel
01/16 - Driving India Into the Arms of the Dragon by E. John Teichert
01/17 - Whence Islam? by G. Murphy Donovan
01/17 - The Mysterious Case of the Islamic State Organization (ISO) Smiling Martyr--Solved by Paul Kamolnick
01/18 - Airpower: Just Part of the Counterinsurgency Equation by Christopher A. Lawrence
01/18 - Cyber Talent for Unified Land Operations by Rodney D. Harris and Jeffrey D. Morris
01/19 - The Convoluted Coalition Against ISIS by James Emery
01/20 - Reframing the Debate: How Rethinking Special Forces Physical Fitness Standards Can Address the Unconventional Warfare Capability Gap by Rory O’Connor
01/24 - The Country Club Jihad: A Study of North American Radicalization by Alex Reese
01/25 - Targeting American Terrorists with Drones: Efficient, But Legal? by Jan Schwarzenberg
01/26 - Statecraft, Strategy, and Ethics: A Noetic Trinity by Gregory D. Foster
01/26 - The Easter Offensive of 1972: A Failure to Use Intelligence by W. R. Baker
01/27 - Vetting, Assimilation and Terrorism by Virginia Byers
01/27 - The Responsibility to Protect: Getting the Law Right Matters by Charles J. Dunlap, Jr.
01/28 - Law of Armed Conflict, Attribution, and the Challenges of Deterring Cyber-attacks by Joshua Tromp
01/31 - COIN Logistics: Let’s Do Camels by Michael Chandler

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