December, 2014

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December, 2014

Do they know it's Christmas time at all, Bob Geldof?

"Christmas Boxes in Camp, 1861" from Harper's Weekly, January 4th, 1862.

Articles Published During December, 2014

12/01 - Revisiting the Social Movement Approach to Unconventional Warfare by Doowan Lee and Glenn W. Johnson
12/01 - The Perversion of Military Ideas: How Innovative Thinking is Inadvertently Destroyed by Dr Aaron P. Jackson
12/01 - Letting Them Scrape a Knee: Advising for Third Order Effects by Thomas Doherty
12/01 - The Islamic State is a Hybrid Threat: Why Does That Matter? by Scott Jasper and Scott Moreland
12/04 - ISIS Resurgence and the Sunni-Shi’a Schism by Kyler Ong
12/04 - Growing Military Relations Between Nicaragua and Russia by Brenda Fiegel
12/11 - Opportunities to Combat Violent Religious Extremism by Knox Thames
12/12 - Deploying Small Elements: A Quick Look at the 59th Military Police Company’s Mission to Support Strategic Protective Service Detachments by Erik J.M. Gemza
12/12 - Area Denial & Falklands War Lessons Learned - Implications for Land Warfare 2030-2040: After the Army’s Theater Arrival - The Coming Complex Fight by Dave Shunk
12/12 - Obama’s Strategy for Defeating ISIS is the Only Viable Option. It Can Work. by Joseph Becker
12/13 - Breaking Starch: The Paradox of Modern Military Uniforms by Robert H. Gregory, Jr.

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