September, 2012

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September, 2012

Image: A U.S. Soldier with 4th Brigade Combat Team carries a child in a duffel bag at Combat Outpost Penich in Kunar province, Afghanistan, July 15, 2012. The child was participating in a day of classes, games and snacks as part of a cultural awareness youth shura, or meeting, hosted by female engagement team members. U.S. Army photo by Spc. Elizabeth Raney.

Articles Published During September, 2012

09/04 - How PowerPoint Stifles Understanding, Creativity, and Innovation Within Your Organization by Ben Zweibelson
09/04 - Keep Calm and Carry On: A Plan for Yemen by Robert Sharp and Marwan Noman
09/05 - On the Use of Aid and Development to Induce Political Conversion: Lessons from a Failed State by G. Scott Alamanach Mikalauskis
09/06 - Irregular Warfare: Fielding and Phasing in the Venture Capital Green Beret by EM Burlingame
09/07 - Making Security Cooperation Part of the Army’s ‘Win’ Set by John R. Deni
09/07 - Iraq in The Middle Part VI: Richard Weitz on Iraq’s Relations with China and Russia by Robert Tollast and Richard Weitz
09/10 - Africa: A New Front in the US-Iranian Cold War? by Jason B. Nicholson
09/11 - The 2006 Lebanon War: A Short History by Andrew Chadwick
09/12 - The 2006 Lebanon War: A Short History Part II by Andrew Chadwick
09/13 - The Case for Cyber by Jon Brickey, Jacob Cox, John Nelson and Gregory Conti
09/14 - Primitivization of War and Prospects for Peace by Mehar Omar Khan
09/17 - Transition Operations: A Discussion with 29 Articles by Richard Ledet, Jeff Stewart and Pete Turner
09/18 - Strategy is a Competition of Ideas: What Gettysburg and Afghanistan Teach Us by Tom Pike
09/19 - Regionally-Aligned Brigades: There's More to This Plan Than Meets the Eye by Steve Griffin
09/20 - Book Review: Lessons of the Iraqi De-Ba’athification Program for Iraq’s Future and the Arab Revolutions by Youssef Aboul-Enein
09/21 - Fixing Intelligence Analysis: From Specialists to Experts by Jesse Sloman
09/24 - Enabling the Afghans to Take The Lead: Transition at the Tactical Level by Mike Simmering and Leo Wyszynski
09/25 - Iraq, Syria, and the Twelfth Imam by Landon Shroder
09/26 - Pershing in Mindanao: Leadership in Counterinsurgency by William L. Greenberg
09/27 - An Enduring Argument Against Counterinsurgency by Erik Goepner
09/28 - Water Security Conflicts: A Regional Perspective by Nelson E. Hernández

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