May, 2012

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May, 2012

Articles Published During May, 2012

05/01 - The Tao of Protracted Warfare: A Yin-Yang Approach to Conducting COIN by Ernest Y. Wong and James Y. Wong
05/02 - A Different War on Terrorism: The U.S., Turkey and the PKK by Karen Kaya
05/03 - Afghanistan 2012: Stay the Course Or Scale Back the Strategy? by Thomas J. Buonomo
05/04 - Afghanistan 2014-2024: Advising for Sustainability by Nicholas J. Armstrong
05/07 - Violence and Videos in Kazakhstan: The Information Struggle over Zhanaozen by Matthew Stein
05/08 - Thoughts from Khobar: Where Do We Go from Here? by Morgan Smiley
05/09 - War and Words: The Menace of Meaning by Mehar Omar Khan
05/10 - Disruptive Thinkers: Intrapreneurship vice Entrepreneurship – Why this Distinction Matters by Mike Campbell
05/11 - Reflections from the Valley’s Edge: A Year with the Pashtuns in the Heartland of the Taliban by Octavian Manea and Daniel R. Green
05/14 - Irregular Warfare, Village Stability Operations and the Venture Capital Green Beret by EM Burlingame
05/15 - Clausewitz and the Non-State Actor: A Contemporary Application of the Paradoxical Trinity to Countering Terrorism by Judd C. Floris
05/16 - Criminalization of the Syrian Conflict by Asher Berman
05/17 - Reconsidering the Operational Approach to Phase IV Stability Operations, Part II by Andrew G. Attar, Jr.
05/17 - Our Silent Partners: Private Security Contractors in Iraq by Colin Jones
05/18 - Favoring Warlords: Afghan Local Police by Ramin Shirzay
05/21 - Ink Spots of Success: The Smart Power Approach to Our Endgame in Afghanistan by David James
05/21 - Algeria: The Undeclared War - A Review by Youssef Aboul-Enein
05/22 - Seeking a Strategy to Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction by Al Mauroni
05/23 - Iraq in the Middle, Part I: F. Gregory Gause III on Iraq’s Relations with the GCC by Robert Tollast and F. Gregory Gause III
05/24 - Time: Two Questions, Too Few Answers (A Treatise on Acquisition) by Dan Ward
05/25 - Aquifer Storage and Recovery Systems by Brian Platt
05/25 - Talks about Talks – Does Yemen Need More Time? by Robert Sharp
05/28 - The Taking of La Fiere Bridge by Keith Nightingale
05/29 - Iran's Expanding Footprint in Latin America by Sandra Warmoth
05/30 - The Simple Truth? Securing the Population as a Recent Invention by Sergio Miller
05/31 - Tito’s “Birthday” Surprise: Operation Rösselsprung - Early Problems and Lessons of Direct Action Operations by Matteo B. Scianna

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