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The most dangerous problem in Libya is the spread of an ISIS-led insurgency that threatens to undermine the stability of the entire region.

The demands on the Active Component necessitates Security Cooperation solutions with the breadth of scope and malleability that can only be optimized by incorporating the US Army Reserve.

Unless the Federal Government of Somalia is able to arrive at a political solution and consolidate control of the country future military victories on the battlefield will accomplish little.

Chapter One, Genesis: Day & Night

The once-praised concept known as population-centric counterinsurgency, typically abbreviated simply as "COIN", has fallen on hard times.

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"The U.N. requires commitments from member nations to provide rapid response forces for emerging crises."

How is the Islamic State looking at the situation in Iraq and Syria? It is impossible to be sure, but they are fairly transparent in their public statements.

The Foundation seeks to help ensure the vitality of social, economic, and governmental institutions.

“We’re now in an era in the Middle East that is orders of magnitude more complicated. We have to take stock of the reality, rather than only focus on what Iran is doing.”

Military Writers Guild (MWG) Awards: The first ever MWG Biannual Award Winners!