Small wars are operations undertaken under executive authority, wherein military force is combined with diplomatic pressure in the internal or external affairs of another state whose government is unstable, inadequate, or unsatisfactory for the preservation of life and of such interests as are determined by the foreign policy of our Nation.

-- Small Wars Manual, 1940

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Southern Europe’s mass migration problem is out of control.  The U.S. government may be forced to address this fact sooner rather than later.

As the world watches the 2014 iteration of the Middle East conflict observers should remember that history is continuous rather than episodic.

The fundamentals of basic combat training are not new, only the specifics have changed.

I thought that I might build on the previous essay I wrote for DEF on how to develop an understanding of war and warfare through the study of military history in width, depth, and context.

Our current system of military operations is reaching a point where it is not producing options which fit the expectations of our civilian leaders and perhaps the conditions of 21st century war.

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The Syrian opposition force to be recruited by the U.S. military and its coalition partners will be trained to defend territory.

The new Afghan government under President Ashraf Ghani has acknowledged the depth of the crisis,.

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