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This may be the sensational media headline in the near future as DOD continues to struggle over the strategy to fight ISIS in Syria.

ISIL's real strength comes from an ability to operate as a decentralized network projecting power on the battlefield and in the information sphere.

This article traces coalition force mentors from their pre-deployment training at Sandhurst, to their deployment at ANAOA and finally to post-deployment.

By looking at institutional shortcomings we can effectively explain why the military has a hard time dealing with complex conflicts and a whole range of other problems.

The most egregious exporters of religious hate and sharia bigotry are putative EU/American “partners;” or allies; i.e. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Arabia, and Persia.

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“To prevail, the West must settle on military tactics, cut off oil money, counter propaganda, strategists say.”

Establishing effective screening processes for Syrian refugees entering the United States can be an important part of a deliberate, foresighted strategy.

"Analysts say supervisors were particularly eager to paint a more optimistic picture of America’s role in the conflict than was warranted.}

“A comprehensive summary of the key global trends and patterns in terrorism over the last 15 years with a special emphasis on 2014.”

Continue on for a VOA report on spy and traitor Pollard’s release today. The entire VOA article conveys Netanyahu’s and the defense’s POV. May Pollard eventually rot in hell.