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We should be careful not to confuse sympathy for the victims of the Kunduz hospital incident with an assumption that the attack was in violation of international law.

I argue that there is direct relationship between liberty and democracy. In order to have democracy, a state must value individual liberty and subscribe to liberal values.

Most stakeholders fail to appreciate that Afghanistan is fighting a parallel, and far less visible, battle that is likely to have a profound effect on the fate of the country.

A great man is not necessarily good or popular. Vladimir Putin may be such a man. The American president is not.

This paper examines threat insights as they pertain to each of the Long-Range Investment Requirements Analysis investment categories.

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Though over 6,000 miles away and safely back in the U.S., I have been hearing cries from Kunduz. Suddenly, these voices have stopped.

The basis of this book is my initial introduction into combat in Vietnam as a 1st Lieutenant with the Vietnamese Ranger infantry.

"Fighting intensified around Ghazni on Monday, as Taliban militants threatened to seize a second provincial capital after briefly occupying Kunduz."

"Our allies will continue to lose confidence in our role as a global leader. Potential adversaries will see weakness."

Unification of Korea is the only acceptable outcome on the Korean Peninsula. It is the only condition that will solve three of the most intractable problems in Northeast Asia.