A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.

― John le Carré

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Leaders today face increasing pressures as they navigate their organizations through a constant barrage of dynamic business conditions and more demanding stakeholder expectations.

Small Wars Journal interview with Robert Martinage.

The Baga attack signifies the genocidal nature of Boko Haram’s violence, the group will undermine West Africa’s security unless Nigeria can quickly improve its COIN operations.

The Regionally Aligned Forces concept is certainly not business as usual, but is also the result of a sobering truth: leveraging national military power to secure our vital interests.

The West must orient itself to the composite that ISIS presents and avoid the catastrophic pitfall of trying to create the enemy it wants to fight at the expense of the one presented.

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Remarks by Deputy Secretary Work and General Jean-Paul Palomeros on "The Third U.S. Offset Strategy and its Implications for Partners and Allies".

Guys, I feel for the two officers’ sense of frustration – but this growing stream of solutionless exit-route bitterness is becoming too much.

Continue on for the University of Pennsylvania's "2014 Global Go To Think Tank Index."

Since 2009, the Pentagon’s civilian workforce has grown by 7 percent and the number of active-duty military personnel has been slashed by 8 percent.

The Foreign Policy Initiative believes that the following excerpts from the hearing will help to inform lawmakers...