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As long as ISIL controls territory and shelters among civilian populations in easily fortified urban environments, a combined arms ground force will be required to root them out.

The 2014 QDR puts significant emphasis on the need to build capacity in foreign militaries and rely on those partners to both improve regional security and further US interests

Sufism in Asymmetric Warfare: Human Networks of the Somali Qadiriyya tariqa

Sheriff and State Advisor Border Summits: Mexican Cartel, Gang, and Criminal Alien Security Issues

This article examines the origins, organization and execution of the Mpeketoni terror attacks in Kenya.

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The 2014 National Intelligence Strategy - the blueprint that will drive the priorities for the nation’s 17 intelligence community components over the next four years.

Tom Ricks is on a roll...

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As a fierce battle rages between Kurds and the Islamic State, the fight has another front, aimed at U.S. Central Command headquarters at MacDill Air Force Base.