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World Policy Journal is looking ahead, and free for a month.

We received the following from the Editor of World Policy Journal, and agree that this will be of interest to some Small Wars Journal readers.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the World Policy Journal, the highly respected and widely cited publication on global issues. Our Fall, anniversary issue, due to hit stands this week, is dedicated to examining our world as it may look 25 years in the future. Experts, thought leaders, and commentators from around the world ranging from Russia to Iran, the Middle East to the Middle Kingdom, and beyond, examine compelling issues including terrorism and Islam, global population growth and international diplomacy, the melting of the Tibetan glaciers and diamonds mined in Africa. We are delighted that from now through the end of November the issue will be entirely free for downloading from our official site and our blog.

An article in this issue that might be of interest to you and your Small Wars Journal Blog is Theodor H. Winkler's "The Shifting Face of Violence." In it, Winkler (the director of the Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces in Geneva with the rank of ambassador and previously served as head of the Division for International Security Policy of the Swiss Department of Defence) addresses non-traditional warfare and future conflict, terrorism and WMDs, and war for resources. With your commitment to facilitating and supporting the exchange of information among practitioners, thought leaders, and students of Small Wars, it seemed fitting to contact you and let you know about this issue of the World Policy Journal and the caliber of articles inside. If you find the material appropriate for your site and your readers, please feel free to link to any of our web addresses, as the material is free for a limited time.

Here are the web addresses again, for your reference:

Main site:

World Policy Journal blog:

Link to our 25th Anniversary, Fall 2008 issue:

And the following P.S., too:

Another World Policy Journal article that might also be of interest to you and your Small Wars Journal could be Nicolaus Mills' "A Marshall Plan for the Middle East." In it, Mills (a professor of American Studies at Sarah Lawrence College) addresses rebuilding Iraq and the Middle East, economic statecraft, and the future of the Middle East.

Happy Birthday! We hope MIT is throwing you a nice bash, and wish you at least 25 more good years.