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Wednesday's Afghan Potpourri

Dan Twining over at FP's Shadow Government warns the new administration about moving the goalposts in Afghanistan while Charlie at Abu Muqawama takes on the Commandant of the Marine Corps on his desire to get his Marines out of Iraq and into Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Herschel Smith talks of lies, damn lies and statistics while freting over whether John Nagl's reputation may suffer by getting an agreement nod from The Captain's Journal.

Spencer Ackerman (aka ATTACKERMAN) chimes in on about how Secretary Gate's SASC testimony offers a glimpse into a new Afghanistan policy - BUT - Jules Crittenden rounds up that same testimony quite nicely - thanks Jules.

SWJ's (and FP's) own Westhawk, at his proper blog, poses two humdinger questions - does Obama see Karzai the same way Kennedy saw Diem? -- and - what if Afghans will not defend themselves?

Tom Ricks (The Gamble) at FP's Best Defense, points out the obvious concerning a new and wise policy brief and the not so obvious in dubbing Gentile and Exum the Lewis and Martin (almost typed in Clark) of Counterinsurgency.

Max Boot at Contentions pays high praise to Yochi Dreazen for his reporting in general and for this specific dispatch from Afghanistan.

Ever diligent Bill Roggio, with no time for such speculation, keeps on keeping on with just the facts ma'am at The Long War Journal.

Something in Wednesday's water - or truly interesting times?



Wed, 01/28/2009 - 11:39pm

Thanks Dave - corrected - geez, and I know these guys too - Dave

Dave (not verified)

Wed, 01/28/2009 - 11:25pm

I wish my first comment on this site was aimed more towards discussion, but I wanted to point out that Rick is comparing Col Gentile and Andrew Exum of Abu Muquwama, not Nate Fick of CNAS.