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Triage and Beyond Bullets and Abu M. Moves Shop

As promised previously here's the link to the full document - CNAS has now posted Triage: The Next Twelve Months in Afghanistan and Pakistan by Andrew Exum, Nathaniel Fick, Ahmed Humayun and David Kilcullen.

Eight years into the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan, the situation is as perilous as ever and continuing to worsen. The campaign has been further complicated by a rapidly deteriorating security situation in Pakistan, where the center of gravity of the insurgency has now shifted. In counterinsurgency campaigns, momentum matters. Over the next 12 months, the United States and its allies must demonstrate they have seized back the initiative from the Taliban and other hostile actors.

Also new at CNAS is Beyond Bullets: A Pragmatic Strategy to Combat Violent Islamist Extremism by Kristin Lord, John Nagl and Seth Rosen.

The paper establishes a clear analysis of the threat, a realistic vision of success, and strategic principles to guide U.S. actions. The authors also offer specific ways and means" in order to accomplish the objectives they lay out, including developing the intelligence networks and human capital necessary to counter violent extremism, creating expeditionary" civilian specialists who can embed with military units and provide much-needed assistance in political, economic, and governance missions; optimizing strategic public engagement abroad; investing in the capacities of both U.S. and foreign militaries to counter violent extremism; prioritizing job creation in areas where young people are economically marginalized and susceptible to radicalization; and defending the homeland against terrorist attacks.

And one last note - Ex has moved Abu Muqawama over to the CNAS site. Corporate boy;-)