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The Secretary of State's "Hit Man"

A ‘Hit Man’ for Hillary Clinton - Washington Post op-ed by Dana Milbank.

... Reading the full exchange when BuzzFeed published it Monday, I recognized it as vintage Philippe: savage, sardonic and over-the-top in the service of the cause that is his life’s work and his reason for being: the reputation of Hillary Clinton. Such traits have caused many to revile Philippe (like Madonna, who performed in Washington this week, he is known here by one name only). Journalists in particular have found him to be ruthless and sometimes dishonest in his unwavering loyalty to Clinton, his patron of the past dozen years...

Which begs the questions - shouldn't his loyalty lie with our Nation's foreign policy? Why aren't career Foreign Service Officers in this most important position?


They eat their young... and apparently their peers.

When GSA farts away millions of dollars, the head is fired. When The ICE Chief of Stiff (oops, Staff) gets too cute, she is fired. When we put Americans in Benghazi without protections and then have State Dept lying about the cause, the event and the perps, we have a ceremony. Hillary should resign or be terminated.