SWJ quote of 2012 (H/T French Defence Analysis Stéphane Taillat)

Why John J. Mearsheimer Is Right (About Some Things)

by Robert D. Kaplan

The Atlantic

If you tell people the world is complicated, you’re not doing your job as a social scientist. They already know it’s complicated. Your job is to distill it, simplify it, and give them a sense of what is the single [cause], or what are the couple of powerful causes that explain this powerful phenomenon. (Samuel Huntington à son protégé Fareed Zakaria)
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Some blast from the past to consider

Bacevich 2010
What Poets Can Teach Us About the War in Afghanistan
The New Republic

"As in domestic politics so too in foreign policy: People recite clichés in order to camouflage their own confusion and ignorance."


Kilcullen 2007, BBC

'War on terror' flashpoints identified: A senior strategist for the US government says that the three key future flashpoints for militant jihadists will be Pakistan, Bangladesh and Europe.