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Roundtable on Osinga's Science, Strategy and War (Bumped)

Bumped, last contribution has been posted and the link is to the entire Osinga Roundtable archive...

Roundtable on Osinga's Science, Strategy and War at Chicago Boyz and moderated by Zenpundit.

A blogging roundtable on Science, Strategy and War: The Strategic Theory of John Boyd by Colonel Frans P. Osinga. Slightly over ten years since his death, the influential strategist and iconoclastic USAF Colonel John Boyd remains a subject of controversy despite the fact that (or more likely, because) many of his ideas impacted and informed military "transformation", Network-centric Operations and the theory of 4th Generation Warfare.

Good stuff and several Small Wars Council members are participating.


Excellent stuff indeed. I downloaded the thesis, and have started slowly reading it. I expect it to take a while! :)