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President Donald Trump was the guest of honor today at France’s Bastille Day celebrations, an elaborate display that marked the centennial of the U.S. entry into the First World War.

“U.S. leaders seem to believe that America can kill its way out of this mess—and that’s totally wrong.”

“IS Militants deployed suicide bombers and sought young boys for battle, according to commanders and residents.”

The United States and its partners are intensifying global pressure against the terrorists and rallying support for more resources for post-conflict stabilization efforts.

"The Russian Way of War: Force Structure, Tactics, and the Modernization of the Russian Ground Forces" by Lester W. Grau and Charles K. Bartles - TRADOC G-2 Foreign Military Studies...

“Could such a plan actually improve counterinsurgency, leading to the success that has thus eluded the U.S. (and NATO)? In a word: no.”

“The photographs, the documents, the whistleblower testimony are all there - the brutal details of our diggers' conduct brought forward into the harsh light of day.”

“The marriage of local ground forces with U.S. drones, warplanes and intelligence has been potent.”

“The Islamic State described the loss of Mosul as a loss for all Muslims against the Shiites and the ‘Crusader coalition.’”

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“Trump should explain the theory of success, the stakes and why, after all these years, America’s longest war must persist.”

“Advisers recruited two businessmen who profited from military contracting to devise alternatives to the Pentagon’s plan to send thousands of additional troops to Afghanistan.”

“The day after announcing Islamic State’s defeat in Mosul, Iraqis turned to the enormous challenges of rebuilding and resettling the country’s second-largest city.”

“The senior US commander in Iraq has warned that the war against so-called Islamic State is not over, despite a 'historic' victory in Mosul.”

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The battle to retake the Syrian city of Raqqa from the Islamic State terror group is a fight increasingly without front lines.

“Iraq’s prime minister showed up Sunday in the city of Mosul to declare victory in the nine-month battle for control of the Islamic State’s former capital in Iraq.”

“The military can't solve all of America's international problems.”

“More than 2,000 militants are holed up with their families and tens of thousands of civilians in Raqqa's center, the city's most densely populated quarters.”

“In many liberated zones previously held by the Islamic State, the group remains committed to waging a resistance - an insurgency against the liberating forces.”

“The loss of its two largest cities will not spell a final defeat for the Islamic State, according to analysts and American and Middle Eastern officials.”

“Slashing State Department and global health budgets could threaten US national security. Congress must consider the value of soft power programs before passing a final budget.”

They are known as the cubs of the caliphate, youngsters enlisted by the Islamic State, which views them as “the generation that will conquer Baghdad, Jerusalem, Mecca and Rome.”

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Defense One Multi-Media: “The bloody battle to wrest Mosul from ISIS was the world’s largest military operation in nearly 15 years.”

U.S. President Donald Trump said Thursday that America and Europe have suffered "one terror attack after another," but that "we're going to get it to stop."

A sampling of comments made by employees in response to survey questions and questions from the study’s interviewers, according to a report on the research.

“Saudi Arabia is the chief foreign promoter of Islamist extremism in the UK, a new report has claimed.”

“After a few years of declining violence under Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, the drug war has come roaring back to life.”

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