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The sudden rush of dark-like thunder.  Surprise of silence.  Instant cathedral for the mind. Breathing echoes.  Fear wells.  Faith in numbers.

"Yemen has withdrawn permission for the United States to run Special Operations ground missions against suspected terrorist groups in the country."

"The NSC usually tries to act as an “honest broker” among Cabinet agencies. But how will it function under a headstrong president who sees his role as disruptor-in-chief?"

The President has turned to his generals for a military strategy, and signed an EO instructing his Cabinet and the JCS to come up with a plan within 30 days - one that can be implemented...

Terrorism and counterterrorism issues discussed in a seminal conference co-hosted by Georgetown University and the University of St Andrews-Scotland.

“Officials at the DoS’ Global Engagement Center say they’re the first to tap into personal information to discourage individual users from joining the IS.”

“As the U.S. turns inward, the International Committee of the Red Cross makes the cases for funding front line aid in Syria and Iraq.”

This article summarizes a new approach to COG analysis as well as elaborating its origins and the influences on its development.

"The American military has failed to publicly disclose potentially thousands of lethal airstrikes conducted over several years in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan."

"Carl von Clausewitz was both an avid analyst of small wars and people’s war and, during the wars of liberation, a practitioner of small war."

“The conundrum facing Pakistani officials today as they scramble to forestall punitive actions by the Trump administration.”

“North Atlantic Treaty Organization steps up role in fight against Islamic State.”

“While a reliance on local amateurs has allowed the IS to announce that it can stage terrorism around the world, it has also led to many failed attacks.”

“America cannot punish its elected officials for allowing its military, diplomatic corps, and intelligence services to take risks necessary to pursue its interests.”

“Haley, in her first week as U.S. ambassador, has made reform of the United Nations' far-flung peacekeeping operations a top priority, diplomats said.”

“Video billed as newly captured intelligence turns out to be years old.”

Video by the Georgetown University Center for Security Studies. Panel discussions - Panel 1: What Next? Global Trends and Threats

DoD officials have welcomed a decision from the U.S. government to allow Iraqi translators and interpreters with special documentation to travel to the United States.

"For any military official to blame Trump for the raid’s technical and operational problems is as unacceptable as it is factually untrue."

“‘They provided the information, but we found huge gaps in it,’ said a senior Trump administration official who reviewed the document. ‘It was poor staff work.’”

“General Petraeus warned lawmakers the weakening of NATO and the EU plays into the hands of Russian President Putin’s attempts to undermine liberal democracies.”

“The trope posits an overly simplistic understanding of jihadist radicalization, and demeans Muslims in general.”

CNAS database compiled by the Center for the Study of the Drone.

"How can we study modern warfare through the lens of culture?"

"There is an iron-clad national security rationale backing the president’s policy."

“The DoD is expected to release the results of an investigation on Wednesday that largely will exonerate senior military officials at USCENTCOM.”

Today, the ability to recover from early missteps is greatly reduced. The speed of war has changed, making the global security environment more unpredictable, dangerous and unforgiving.

“The Islamic State’s latest videos and newly obtained documents demonstrate that its drone program should be taken seriously.”

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Via “Heavy”, watch ISIS employing drones in Iraq.