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“A jailhouse interview with a German man who joined IS reveals the workings of a unit whose lieutenants are empowered to plan attacks around the world.”

"In the years after the collapse of the Soviet empire, the need diminished in Ukraine and elsewhere for a state-of-the-art army following Western promises."

IS is inciting supporters to mount more attacks on Christians just days after two of the terror group’s sympathizers slit the throat of an 85-year-old French priest as he was celebrating Mass.

“Except for blacklisted nations like Syria and North Korea, there is little to stop governments that routinely violate basic rights from obtaining so-called ‘lawful intercept’...

A Vortex Foundation and Small Wars Journal--El Centro Book.

"It is expected that South Korea’s contribution to overseas peacekeeping missions will play a more critical role in contributing to international peace and security."

A bit of ‘with tongue in cheek’ from SWJ’s resident Godfather and official cranky old man.

Right now there is a tactical pause in Iraq, but not an operational pause, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials said on background today.

Jane Burrell was a CIA counterintelligence officer and had served as one in all of CIA’s predecessor agencies.

"Falluja was the first Iraqi city to fall to the Islamic State, more than two years ago, and the militant group had all that time to learn the city, sowing traps everywhere."

Increases in airstrikes, injuries, and a wider range of authorities are revealing a much more involved U.S. military presence in Afghanistan, despite a planned reduction.

"How is a military built around 12-month rotations able to retain knowledge about the local area and build relationships overseas?"

In May 2016, CSBA, teamed with Poland’s National Centre for Strategic Studies, led a tabletop exercise to address issue important to both countries and NATO.

A day after Turkey dismissed more than 2,400 military personnel, its Supreme Military Council gathered to try to put the pieces back together.

"Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, the official spokesman for the IS, has come pretty close to acknowledging that the territory controlled by the group is slipping away."

Continue on for a link and props for the new Brookings’s Focus Book - 'Bending History: Barack Obama's Foreign Policy'.

Continue on for the issue overview and links to each article - from the Combating Terrorism Center.

“Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said she had not been briefed on any potential options or an acquisition strategy related to a new CAS aircraft, dubbed A-X.”

Continue on for The White House press release (quite comprehensive) on PPD-41.

“A return to guerrilla warfare in Iraq, while the U.S. and its allies still combat the Islamic State in Syria, would pose one of the first major challenges to the next American president....

On 22 July the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction published an audit of DoD, State and USAID's over $2.6 billion investment in Afghanistan's ICT sector.

Dr. Paul Rexton Kan, a SWJ--El Centro fellow and professor of National Security Studies, US Army War College, has recently published the new book Drug Trafficking and International Security.

“Dramatic portrayals of Mexican crime kings, which began as zany B-grade movies, have evolved into wildly popular soap operas, best-selling novels and major Hollywood productions.”

I was born in a bar and filled many a tavern and tomb. But my Service shines since emerging from that womb.

"CAS can sometimes be provided from heavy bombers using satellite-guided bombs, but the most effective approach often is to come after the enemy low and slow."

The new Joint Operating Environment is out and posted online. Continue on for links to the current and previous JOEs. Hat tip to Dave Maxwell.

“For many of the 6,800 FARC combatants scattered across Colombia’s hinterland, a new and, in some ways, more daunting phase lies just ahead - peace.”

“The 1973 Yom Kippur War lasted only a few weeks, but its implications for air combat continue to reverberate - even helping make the case for ditching the iconic A-10 Warthog....

There is a reason to stay away from a Pentagon assignment – you may fail.  The measure of success for a Pentagon assignment is not the same as a “muddy boots” assignment.

Kerry: “The tide has turned” in battle against IS in Iraq and Syria and that the U.S.-led coalition wants to do more against the terror group “and wants to do it faster.”