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QDR: Gates Submits 'Wartime' Defense Blueprint

Gates Submits 'Wartime' Defense Blueprint - National Journal.

Defense Secretary Gates has submitted a "wartime" Quadrennial Defense Review of military capabilities and requirements, balancing near-term priorities with the future needs of the force, according to a copy of the document obtained by Congress Daily.

"This is truly a wartime QDR," Gates wrote in an introductory letter accompanying the review, slated to be released Monday...

To prepare the military for a range of conflicts, Gates wrote that the QDR "directs more focus in investment in a new air-sea battle concept, long-range strike, space and cyberspace, among other conventional and strategic modernization programs."

The 105-page planning document will be released along with the FY11 budget submission.

More at The National Journal.

Click here to read the QDR dated 1 February 2010 at National Journal or read it here (H/T Abu Muqawama):

Quadrennial Defense Review Report