Proud Parents: 1940 Small Wars Manual

Maybe I need to get a life, but color me happy as a pig in s***. The Small Wars Foundation and Small Wars Journal are now the proud owners of an original 1940 Small Wars Manual. I've been searching for one for quite some time and found they are in the very hard to get category. I followed this puppy for 10 days on eBay and won the bid just an hour or so ago. Ships next week and I can't wait. The previous, and original, owner is a retired (37-year Colonel) Devil Dog who was issued the Manual at Quantico in 1940. We promised to give it a good home. When we finally get our "non-virtual" office / conference / library facility this jewel will be displayed in a place of honor.

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I have an original 1940 Small Wars Manual (I tried at attach a JPEG to this [post but no luck). The inside cover states that it was manufactured by the Federbush Company, New York City, No. S 10286. It has 15 chapters and was published in 1940. I found it at a used book sale 25 years ago and paid $10 for it. Semper Fi, Mac!

Awww, Dave, it looks just like you - firm spine and chiseled features!

Yes Anon I see that the Sunflower University Press reprint is showing up on eBay. I have 3 of those and 5 of the official (red cover) reprints. None of which will ever go up for sale. Amazon has the Sunflower edition too and for much less than what the sellers on eBay are asking.

Amazing - see what you started! Now later editions are coming out of the woodwork.

Not up for grabs anymore, it's been bought;-)

Ha! Another Marine SW Manual 1940 Ed 1 is up for grabs on eBay @ $325.00 As of 1500 3 Oct it has 22 hours on the block before it is gone.

Well Ken P., stuff happens, in this case WWII. That said, the SWM has been used much since then as a doctrinal source - even in this decade in Iraq and Afghanistan. Chapter VII (Mounted Detachments) comes to mind as but one example. Moreover, the SWM was talking interagency issues long before we had that many agencies to "inter" with. It's timeless, and just because it wasn't really needed in the '40's does not mean that the authors were "preparing for the last war".

Thanks Tyrtaios, and also back at you for owning an original SWM. I have several other pics of the one we purchased, pretty good condition overall excepting the inside rear cover. I hope to get that restored.

Publishing a Small Wars Manual in 1940 might have been overly optimistic. Looks like another great example of preparing for the last war you fought.

Congratulations and good for you Dave, I've an original NAVMC 2890 also, but the cover isn't as crisp as yours appears to be. I've heard that Chapter 7, is again of some importance? : )

Already got asked via e-mail about the white piece on the cover. It's a piece of cut out index card placed over the name of the Marine that was issued the Manual. It was placed there just for the e-bay auction.