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Obama Names Officials for Pentagon (Update # 3)

Via Reuters - President-elect Obama named four former Clinton administration officials to top defense positions, including former Pentagon comptroller William Lynn as deputy defense secretary. The other nominations are Michele Flournoy to become under secretary of defense for policy, Robert Hale as comptroller and Jeh Johnson to general counsel.

Update # 1: Obama Selects 4 More Senior Defense Officials by Ann Scott Tyson at The Washington Post and Unexpected Pick for Deputy Defense Secretary Suggests Gates Had a Say by Spencer Ackerman at The Washington Independent.

Update # 2: Inside Defense (subscription required) reports that outgoing Pentagon policy chief Eric Edelman said that defense official Joseph Benkert is slated to stay on until the new administration finds a successor and that another defense official, Michael Vickers, may stay even longer. Benkert is the assistant secretary of defense for global security affairs. Vickers is the assistant secretary of defense for special operations, low-intensity conflict and interdependent capabilities.

Update # 3: The Cable via Abu Muqawama reports on rumors that the Center for a New American Security's Derek Chollet is likely to be named Deputy Director of the State Department Office of Policy Planning and CNA's James N. Miller is going to be named Principal Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Policy.