Small Wars Journal

November 2012 CTC Sentinel Released

West Point's Combating Terrorism Center has released the November 2012 issue of the CTC Sentinel.

Please note that this will be the final issue for 2012. The Sentinel will resume in January 2013 for its sixth volume.

The November issue contains the following articles:

- The Challenges of Retaking Northern Mali
        By Martin van Vliet
- An Algerian Press Review: Determining Algiers’ Position on an Intervention in Mali
        By Kal Ben Khalid
- Serious Leadership Rifts Emerge in Afghan Taliban
        By Anand Gopal
- Shabiha Militias and the Destruction of Syria
        By Stephen Starr
- Hizb Allah’s Role in the Syrian Uprising
        By Chris Zambelis
- Security Implications for Multinational Corporations Operating in Mexico
        By Charles Regini
- Recent Highlights in Terrorist Activity