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New to our Blogroll: The Cyber Loop

Expect great things from The Cyber Loop, the newest addition to SWJ's blogroll. Site features include news, academic papers, book recommendations and a discussion forum. From TCL's about page:

About the Cyber Loop

The Cyber Loop is a group of carefully selected strategists who have banded together to further the development of strategic thought in the cyberspace domain. The Cyber Loop is not chartered by the government, military or any private organization.

The genesis for the Loop project was the realization that compared to other domains (land, sea, air and space) , not enough strategic thought is being applied to cyberspace, the newest domain of where conflict may arise, other than by a relatively small group of individuals. Much of the discussions about cyberspace still revolve around tactical and operational-level issues.

The goal of the Loop is to develop a community of high-caliber thinkers to further the development of strategic thought on the cyberspace domain. Several General Officers, Ambassadors, senior Federal government officials, members of academia and members of industry are active members of the Loop.

About this website

This website is provided as a public service by the Cyber Loop members. The intent is to provide an on-line reference library for strategists, review of recent developments in cyberspace, and to provide a venue for thoughtful discussion. We particularly welcome students and instructors of Professional Military Education, government graduate schools and civilian graduate institutions.

Opinions posted on the website and discussion boards are those of the authors themselves and do not represent the official or consensus position of the Cyber Loop.