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Libya News Roundup (Updated)

Libya News Update:

Libyan Rebels Enter Central Tripoli, Crowds Celebrate - VOA

Jubilant Rebels Control Much of Tripoli - NYT

Libyan Rebels Seize Most of Tripoli - WSJ

Rebels Enter Tripoli, Meet Only Sporadic Resistance - LAT

Libya Rebels Advance Into Tripoli - BBC

Libyan Rebels Converging on Tripoli - WP

Gadhafi Regime on Ropes; Rebels March to Heart of Tripoli - USAT

Final Battle for Libya Under Way as Rebels Advance - TT

Rebels Stream into Capital, Capture Qaddafi's Sons - CSM

Gadhafi’s Fate in Question; Sons Detained - WT

Mountain Rebels May Have Turned Tide in Tripoli - LAT

A Headlong Rush Into a Cheering Capital - NYT

Gaddafi's Son Seif al-Islam Arrested - TT

Libya Rebels in Tripoli, Gadhafi Defenses Collapse - AP

Rebels Enter Tripoli, Crowds Celebrate in Streets - Reuters

Rebels in Tripoli as Qadhafi Defenses Collapse - USN&WR

Rebels Enter Tripoli, No Resistance, Where's Muammar? - Time

Libya Endgame Begins as Fighting Engulfs Tripoli - TG

Surveillance and Coordination With NATO Aided Rebels - NYT

Rebel-Held Benghazi Erupts With Joy - WSJ

Analysis: Libya Rebels Seek to Avoid Tripoli Battle - Reuters

Gadhafi Surfaces after Day of Rebel Advances on Tripoli - McClatchy

Gaddafi Says Will Stay in Tripoli 'Until the End' - Reuters

Clashes Near Gadhafi Compound in Libyan Capital - AP

Gaddafi Tanks Emerge After Rebels Sweep Into Tripoli - Reuters

Libya's Future Shrouded in Uncertainty - USAT

NATO: Gadhafi Regime 'Clearly Crumbling' - AP

Gaddafi Defector Sees End of Regime in 10 Days - Reuters

US Urges Libya Rebels to Plan Post-Gaddafi Era - Reuters

NATO Racing to Wrap Up Libya Campaign - AP

NATO Says Ready to Work With Libya Rebels - Reuters

UK Urges Libyan Rebels to Keep Order in Tripoli - Reuters

EU Says Planning Underway for Post-Gaddafi Libya - Reuters

Who Can Unite Libya if Gaddafi Falls? - Reuters

ICC Says Gaddafi's Son Saif Al-Islam Detained - Reuters

World to Gadhafi: Surrender - AP

Australia PM Calls for Gaddafi to Face International Court - Reuters

Reactions to Rebel Advance Into Tripoli - Reuters

Latest Updates on the Battle for Tripoli - NYT

Endgame in Libya - WP opinion