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Scott Forster

What is it?

Landpower is a website optimized to view from a smart phone, tablet, or computer; click the link and set your bookmark so you can return with ease. Landpower offers on-the-go and up to date insights into the global application of Landpower. It hosts a “one stop shop” compilation of insightful and informative articles and research papers discussing the global application of Landpower for the busy National Security Professional. While not intended to be an exhaustive reference library, Landpower strives to deliver timely and relevant Landpower concepts needed to further discussion and discourse. Landpower is hosted by the United States Army War College and is continually updated.

Using Landpower

Landpower will help National Security Professionals understand and articulate the Army, Marine, and Special Operating Force unique contribution to the defense of our nation. The site is organized for quick and easy navigation to find items meeting your interest.

The home page has a timely and relevant featured article; currently the featured article is “Strategic Landpower Task Force Research Report”.

The main page (Landpower Topics) organizes information with links to key categories including:

  • Landpower Discourse (a detailed list of articles discussion components and application of Landpower);
  • Landpower Topics which include: Air Sea Battle & A2AD, Cyber War, Drones, Profession, and War Games; and
  • Landpower section oriented toward each Combatant Command.

As our nation and our military battle in an era of fiscal constraint, the discussion of Landpower is a critical element of national security discourse. Careful consideration of competing national security concepts is an important element of continued security of the United States of America.

I hope you both enjoy and are informed by Landpower. I look forward to continuing the discourse.