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KOW / IRG Twofer

Two quick items from the folks at King's College.

Insurgency Research Group Blog - Kings of War

Some Kings of War readers may have noticed the recent launch of the blog of the Insurgency Research Group (IRG) here at King's. The aim of the IRG is to act as a centre of gravity for the community of British COIN researchers/practitioners which, while relatively sizable, is diffuse and unfocused. The IRG blog, which is being run by King's graduate Will Hartley, is meant as a vehicle for this community to publicize events, share ideas and socialize (virtually, so to speak). It's a bit like KOW only more focussed on insurgency...

Counterinsurgency in Iraq - Insurgency Research Group

RAND has released a monograph, entitled Counterinsurgency in Iraq (2003-2006), written by Bruce R. Pirnie and Edward O'Connell. The paper provides a useful overview of the conflict, and of the various armed actors involved, before assessing the US COIN campaign, and analysing the flaws in US strategy which contributed to the rapid deterioration in the situation in the first years of the campaign...