Small Wars Journal

JP 3-57: Civil-Military Operations

Joint Publication (JP) 3-57, Civil-Military Operations, was revised and approved 8 July 2008 and supersedes JP 3-57, dated 8 February 2001; and JP 3-57.1, dated 14 April 2008.

Summary of Contents:

(1) Describes Civil-Military Operations across the Range of Military Operations and the Levels of War

(2) Discusses the Objectives of Civil-Military Operations

(3) Discusses the Role of Civil-Military Operations within the Phases of a Joint Campaign

(4) Describes the Relationships Between Civil-Military Operations and Civil Affairs Operations

(5) Describes Commander Responsibilities for Civil-Military Operations

(6) Discusses the Organizations Providing Civil-Military Operations Capabilities

(7) Describes Civil-Military Operations Strategic and Operational Planning Considerations

(8) Discusses Civil-Military Operations Coordination Requirements and Organizations

Summary of Changes:

(1) Consolidates JP 3-57.1, Joint Doctrine for Civil Affairs, and JP 3-57 formerly titled Joint Doctrine for Civil-Military Operations

(2) Emphasizes that civil-military operations (CMO) are an inherent responsibility of command and facilitate accomplishment of the Commander's mission

(3) Amplifies the use of CMO as a primary military instrument to synchronize military and nonmilitary instruments of national power, particularly in support of stability, counterinsurgency and other operations dealing with asymmetric and irregular threats in the 21st century

(4) Addresses provincial reconstruction teams

(5) Enhances the discussion of CMO objectives

(6) Discusses the relationship between CMO and civil affairs operations

(7) Addresses how CMO support operations and activities as they relate to the phasing model (i.e., Shape, Deter, Seize Initiative, Dominate, Stabilize, Enable Civil Authorities)

(8) Relates Chapter III, "Planning," to the planning process as addressed in JP 5-0, Joint Operation Planning, and provides an Appendix B, "Planning Considerations for Civil Affairs Operations"

(9) Provides an in-depth discussion of the relationship between CMO and the interagency, intergovernmental organizations, nongovernmental organizations, indigenous populations and institutions, and the private sector

(10) Updates Appendix A, "Service Capabilities"

(11) Provides definitions for civil affairs operations, indigenous populations and institutions, private sector, and provincial reconstruction team

(12) Modifies the definition of Civil-Military Operations Center (CMOC)