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Interagency Online Training

From US Joint Forces Command - USJFCOM Signs Letter of Intent to Support Interagency Online Training by MC2 (AW) Nikki Carter of JFCOM's Public Affairs Office.

The State Department's Foreign Services Institute (FSI) and U.S. Joint Forces Command's (USJFCOM) Joint Warfighting Center (JWFC) signed a letter of intent to commence the development of online courseware in support of integrated reconstruction and stabilization training and education.

The State Department hosted the ceremonial signing Thursday to recognize the significant collaboration achieved between FSI and the JWFC.

The JWFC's Joint Knowledge Development and Distribution (JKDDC) initiative will work closely with FSI to make the courseware a reality.

Dr. Jerry West, JKDDC strategic plans and implementation division chief, said the letter of intent is a formal agreement on how the two organizations will share information and collaborate in the development of online courses, mostly in support of a Presidential national security directive (NSPD 44).

"[NSPD44] requires interagency to coordinate and support reconstruction and stabilization in synch with U.S. military plans and operations," West said. "The State Department is the lead agency for structuring the coordination across all agencies."

Marty Vozzo, JKDDC deputy program manager, said the letter of intent outlines how the agencies will identify training requirements and collaboratively build Web based courses and then enhance learning portals.

"[The agreement will] close gaps and help us understand the cultural differences between interagency partners," West said.

Vozzo said each agency will provide introductory course information to better understand the needs of the training audience.

"The result is to better train participants in joint operations worldwide," he said.

"As we bring together different agencies representing diverse organizations, these Web-based training products will be available to help us work better together and be more proficient in the tasks we are tackling together." Vozzo added.