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Holiday Travel Guide

Hat tip to Starbuck at Wings Over Iraq for pointing to this valuable travel advice by Rob Crilly at From the Frontline - how to plan a trip to Somalia:

1) Have you been to Somalia before? If yes proceed to 2. If no proceed to 3

2) Were you kidnapped on that occasion? If yes proceed to 4. If no proceed to 5

3) Have you been to Iraq or Afghanistan? If yes proceed to 7. If no proceed to 6

4) Then you should know better. Don't go

5) Then your luck is probably about to run out. Don't go

6) Then what are you thinking of? Don't go

7) Then you are probably under the impression that you can hide in the green zone and wait for an embed to go somewhere interesting. In Somalia there's no green zone, and the only embeds are with Ethiopian or African Union soldiers who are being blown to smithereens on a daily basis. There's no-one you can trust. And no-one who can guarantee your safety. Don't go

Check out Wings Over Iraq and From the Frontline - great stuff and both added to our blogroll.