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Friday Night Reading, Viewing and Visiting Assignment

U.S. Army / Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Workshop Videos - Watch the presentations from the COIN Center's COIN Leaders Workshop held 27 - 29 October 2009. Includes a COIN Center overview, COIN doctrine, urban simulation, COIN lessons learned from OIF and OEF, the Soviet approach to COIN and border operations in Afghanistan, security architecture and COIN in Pakistan's tribal belt, why Pakistan is secure, Air Force Special Operations Command overview and an address by General Jim Mattis, Commander, U.S. Joint Forces Command.

West Point's Combating Terrorism Center's CTC Sentinel - The November 2009 issue includes the following articles: Lashkar-i-Tayyiba: One Year After Mumbai, Success of the Meta-Narrative: How Jihadists Maintain Legitimacy, AQIM and the Growth of International Investment in North Africa, Allah's Domestic Containment and Regional Expansion Strategies, Jihadist Radicalization and the 2004 Madrid Bombing Network, The Past and Future of Deobandi Islam, Maintaining the Message: How Jihadists Have Adapted to Web Disruptions, and Recent Highlights in Terrorist Activity.

On the Knife's Edge: Yemen's Instability and the Threat to American Interests - Read this new Center for a New American Security policy brief by Andrew Exum and Richard Fontaine. This brief addresses the deteriorating situation in Yemen, which includes a growing al-Qaeda presence, a separatist movement in the South, and an active insurgency in the North, and the authors' opinion that the situation demands immediate U.S. attention.

New DoD Social Media Hub - Right now mostly feel good stuff and warnings - "How to Avoid Internet Coal in Your Stocking" is an example. That said and possibly of good use is the site's registry of DoD social media sites. RUMINT has it that the new DoD social media policy may make its debut here in the near future -- or not. Will check back and file a full report.

David Petraeus For D.C. Metro Police Chief - On the lighter side, or maybe not - might be a "progressive" and great idea - Spencer Ackerman spins off a Washington Times op-ed "lavishing praise on the greatest Army officer of his generation for his farsightedness in demonstrating how a thorough security presence/posture combined with bolstered support for a host nation's institutions of governance and rigorous subsidization of the tools for economic prosperity leads to a situation where a community comes "together to oppose and to confront the extremists."" Salinas, CA, seems to think this type of approach has merit.


Dave, Phil - thanks for the link. I'm updated our URL. I think the issue was being directed through a BBC server from overseas.

Maybe we've come full circle - John Nagl likes Malaya, FM 3-24 draws on that, we like FM 3-24. Perhaps we should have just cut out the middle man and reprinted Thompson....

While maybe not as exciting, I've been perusing the recently issued UK JDP 3-40 Stabilisation pub.(Available online via "Kings of War":

Its doctrine, but its well-written and from the sections I've read, really "riffs" off of US doctrine to highlight similarities and differences. I've never seen a national doctrine which so explicitly refers to other doctrine for comparison, contrast and support.