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COIN Center Webcasts on 14 April

The US Army COIN Center is pleased to host Dr. Mark Moyar who will conduct two webcasts on key COIN topics: "Leadership in COIN" and "Development in Afghanistan's Counterinsurgency: A New Guide." Both briefs are on Thursday, 14 April.

Dr. Moyar joined Orbis Operations as Director of Research in July 2010 after serving as a professor at the Marine Corps University. He travels to Afghanistan regularly to undertake research and consulting for the ISAF COIN Advisory/Assistance Team and USCENTCOM. Dr. Moyar is the author of A Question of Command: Counterinsurgency from the Civil War to Iraq.

"Leadership in COIN" is 0900-1000 CDT (1000 EDT, 1500 ZULU), 14 April.

"Development in Afghanistan's Counterinsurgency: A New Guide" is 1030-1130 CDT (1130 EDT, 1630 ZULU), 14 April.

As a reminder, don't forget Dr. Sarah Sewall's webcast presentation on Friday, 15 April, 1000-1100 CDT.

Those interested in attending may view the meeting online at and participate via Defense Connect Online (DCO) as a guest. Remote attendees will be able to ask questions and view the slides through the software.