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CNAS Releases Transcripts and Videos from Annual Conference

The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) released today the transcripts and videos from its fifth annual conference, Risk and Reward: American Security in an Age of Uncertainty, which took place in Washington, D.C., on June 2, 2011.

Watch the videos and read the transcripts online.

The CNAS conference featured a keynote address by Army Lieutenant General David M. Rodriguez, Deputy Commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan, and timely discussions with senior national security experts on Afghanistan, Pakistan and al Qaeda; cyber war and cyber security; revolution in the Middle East; cooperation and competition in China and the Asia Pacific; and American foreign policy priorities.

The conference also marked the release of five new CNAS publications: America's Cyber Future: Security and Prosperity in the Information Age, Beyond Afghanistan: A Regional Security Strategy for South and Central Asia, Internet Freedom: A Foreign Policy Imperative in the Digital Age, Elements of Security: Mitigating the Risks of U.S. Dependence on Critical Minerals, and Upheaval: U.S. Policy Toward Iran in a Changing Middle East.