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China's National Defense in 2010

Via Information Dissemination: "China Releases National Defense 2010 White Paper". The White Paper full text can be found here. Galrahn's bottom line: "This is a high level paper claimed to be in the spirit of transparency, but it basically reveals nothing as one might expect."


Backwards Observer

Thu, 03/31/2011 - 12:20pm

I really like Information Dissemination's coverage of the USN's awesome Mercy Class Hospital Ships, but I also thought this quote by Galrahn from last September was telling.

<blockquote>Think about it. In the ongoing dispute between China and Japan - it is Japan who can afford to keep pushing China - <em>because China's reaction of stirring up nationalism is a double edged sword.</em> Over time, only China suffers from diminishing returns of escalation with a regional neighbor.</blockquote>

So true, only a hopelessly insecure government or nation would feel compelled to incessantly stir up a jingoistic strain of nationalism to no clear purpose.…