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In the 90's I oversaw a USMC project interviewing Chechen players in support of the Marine Corps' urban operations effort -

Are they in fact ethnic Chechens? News reports state they are from Dagestan. The history of Dagestan is different than that of Chechnya.

One is named after the old Turko-Mongol conqueror, Timur. Their last name appears Russian in origin.

Appears clear now that they are of Chechen origin based on reporting and the uncle's statement.

Fair point and I do know that Dagestan and Chechnya have different histories. I haven't seen anything saying they are from Dagestan, but haven't been following closely since the first reports this AM. I've modified the language above and David's council threads include Dagestan info. Unfortunately, I don't think we have any stand-alone articles on Dagestan.

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