Small Wars Journal

Book Discussion: The Diffusion of Military Power

Center for Strategic and International Studies

The Diffusion of Military Power: Causes and Consequences for International Politics

A discussion with the author Michael C. Horowitz, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania; and with panelists Frank Hoffman, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute; Clark Murdock, Senior Adviser, Center for Strategic and International Studies; and Williamson "Wick" Murray, Senior Fellow, Institute for Defense Analyses

Monday, October 4, 2010

5:00 -- 7:00 pm (Panel begins at 5:30pm)

B1 Conference Room, CSIS, 1800 K St. NW, Washington, DC

In his new book, The Diffusion of Military Power, Michael C. Horowitz examines how the financial and organizational challenges of adopting new methods of warfighting can influence the international balance of power. Horowitz argues that a state or actor wishing to adopt a military innovation must possess both the financial resources to buy or build the technology and the internal organizational capacity to accommodate any necessary changes in recruiting, training, or operations. From battleships to aircraft carriers, nuclear weapons to suicide terrorism, how countries react to new innovations has profound implications for the global order and the likelihood of war.

At this special event, the author and a distinguished panel of experts will discuss the book's insights specifically, and the implications of military innovation generally. A reception will follow the discussion and books will be available for purchase.

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