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Bin Laden News Roundup

Al Qaeda

President's address on the death of Osama bin Laden.

Obama Announces Death of Osama bin Laden - Voice of America

Bin Laden is Dead - New York Times

Bin Laden Killed, 'Justice Has Been Done' - Washington Post

U.S. Kills bin Laden - Wall Street Journal

Bin Laden is Dead; 'Justice Has Been Done' - Washington Times

Osama bin Laden is Dead - Los Angeles Times

U.S. Kills bin Laden Decade After 9/11 Attacks - Associated Press

Osama bin Laden Dead in U.S. Raid - New York Post

'Justice Has Been Done' - New York Daily News

Bin Laden Killed by U.S. Forces - Christian Science Monitor

Osama bin Laden Dead - CNN News

U.S. Forces Kill Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan - BBC News

Bin Laden Killed, 'Buried at Sea' - The Australian

Osama bin Laden Shot in Head by U.S. Troops - Daily Telegraph (Au)

Bin Laden Killed in Chopper Raid on Pakistan Mansion - Toronto Star

Bin Laden Killed by U.S. Special Forces in Pakistan - Daily Telegraph

Bin Laden Dead - Boston Globe

Osama bin Laden is Dead, Obama Says - USA Today

Bin Laden Killed in Firefight - Fox News

Osama Bin Laden Killed in Shootout, Obama Says - Reuters

Officials Provide Details on bin Laden Operation - Voice of America

How the Deadly U.S. Raid Unfolded - Daily Telegraph

Body Buried at Sea After Raid in Pakistan - New York Times

Detective Work on Courier Led to Breakthrough - New York Times

Morning Raid in Pakistan Snared bin Laden - Los Angeles Times

Bin Laden Compound Close to Pakistani Military Academy - The Australian

Bin Laden Was Found at Luxury Pakistan Compound - Reuters

Getting bin Laden Top U.S. Goal Since 9/11 - Washington Times

Suspicions Over Whether Pakistan Aided bin Laden - Los Angeles Times

Some Embarrassing Questions for Pakistan - The Guardian

What Pakistan Knew About bin Laden - The New Yorker

Death May Shape U.S.-Pakistan Relations for Years - Christian Science Monitor

Pakistan: Musharraf Condemns 'Violation of Our Sovereignty' - Politico

Perhaps Largest Manhunt in U.S. History - Voice of America

The Death of a Terrorist - Wall Street Journal

Senior Official in Pakistan's ISI Confirms Bin Laden Killed - Reuters

The Most Wanted Face of Terrorism - New York Times

Death of Bin Laden Not Mean Demise of Al Qaeda - New York Times

Operation Is Blow to al Qaeda, Taliban - Wall Street Journal

Egypt's Al-Zawahri Likely to Succeed Bin Laden - Associated Press

Al Qaeda No.2 Zawahri Most Likely to Succeed Bin Laden - Reuters

Al-Qaeda Threat More Diffuse But Persistent - Washington Post

What's Next for al Qaeda? - CNN News

Will Killing Osama Kill the Movement he Inspired? - Associated Press

Islamists: Bin Laden Death Will Not Mute Jihad Call - Reuters

U.S. Anticipates al Qaeda 'Threats of Retaliation' - CNN News

U.S. Warns of Anti-American Violence - Associaed Press

Amid Cheers, a Message: 'They Will Be Caught' - New York Times

Afghans Fear West May See Death as the End - New York Times

Afghan Leader: Bin Laden Strike Is Blow to Terror - Associated Press

Afghan Leader Tells Taliban Not to Fight After Bin Laden's Death - Reuters

Jubilation Spreads Quickly in N.Y., D.C. - Los Angeles Times

Bin Laden's Death Sparks Celebrations in DC, NYC - Washington Times

Joy Erupts on U.S. Streets With Killing of Bin Laden - Reuters

'U-S-A' Chant Fills the Air Outside White House - Associated Press

Bin Laden's Death Draws Cheers, Relief, Dismay - Associated Press

U.S. Allies Offer Congratulations - Los Angeles Times

Israel: Bin Laden Killing Triumph for Democracies - Reuters

India Hails Bin Laden Death, More Needed to Fight Terrorism - Reuters

Vatican Says Bin Laden Will Have to Answer to God - Reuters

Muslim Brotherhood: U.S. Should Now Quit Iraq, Afghanistan - Reuters

Bin Laden's Death: Reaction in Quotes - BBC News

Story Developed on Social Media - Washington Post

Bin Laden Raid was Revealed on Twitter - BBC News

Obama's Remarks on Bin Laden's Killing - New York Times transcript

A Moment of Unity - Boston Globe editorial

Justice - New York Post editorial

After Osama bin Laden... - New York Times opinion

The Relentless Pursuit of bin Laden - Washington Post opinion

Victory Over Evil - Washington Post opinion

Proud of the United States - Washington Post opinion

Ten Thoughts on bin Laden - Line of Departure opinion


AMcClure (not verified)

Mon, 05/02/2011 - 12:16pm

Would really like to know if lessons learned at Son Tay contributed to the success of the Bin Laden raid! It sure sounded familiar to my father, Pilot Apple Four, Son Tay. So happy today.

slapout9 (not verified)

Mon, 05/02/2011 - 10:00am

MikeF, what is stranger still is when "Bull" Simons was recruiting Green Berets for the mission he used the cover story of going on a mission in Afghanistan or Pakistan!!!! cain't remember which one. Used to be a book out about the whole thing.

Tim H (not verified)

Mon, 05/02/2011 - 9:49am

This CIA-SOC operation gives a lot of credibility to Sec. Panetta as he moves to DoD. as everyone has said, this raises some really serious questions about Pakistan.

Charly S-P (not verified)

Mon, 05/02/2011 - 9:35am


My quick thoughts on some possible impacts for the way ahead in Afghanistan.

Polls for President Obama in general and for his handling of Afghanistan situation go up (temporarily).

For some, the capture of Bin Laden and neutralization of AQ are still the primary rationale for operations in Afghanistan, therefore, with that rationale no longer existing, I'd expect support for the war in Afghanistan would further erode. I don't think anyone knows whether this reduced support will pressure Obama to withdraw more troops than planned in the next six months.

If the U.S. does shift to a faster drawdown, I cannot see how other countries wouldn't follow. I don't think it changes the agreements to transfer lead security responsibility by 2014, but if COMISAF has fewer troops it would make sense that transfers are sped up.

For a country like Finland I don't think there's any impact, unless the US significantly changes its strategy/approach. A requirement to speed up transfers would suggest increased training-mentoring efforts but that's likely to be the extent of the impact.


slapout9 (not verified)

Mon, 05/02/2011 - 9:20am

Maybe not Desert One but more like the revenge of Son Tay. Colonel "Bull" Simmons (spelling?) crashed a helicopter in the North Vietnam POW compound on purpose as a diversion, while trying to rescue the POW's? Maybe that is what happened this time. For everyone involved in this operation as we say down south "Ya'LL done Good!"

gian p gentile (not verified)

Mon, 05/02/2011 - 8:57am


nicely stated, agree.

What does all of this mean for the way ahead in Afghanistan i wonder.


Bob's World

Mon, 05/02/2011 - 8:51am


I echo your congratulations for the operators.

Strategy? This is indeed a window of opportunity. If we merely shift tactics to greater CT against AQAP and continue to course as set in AFPAK we miss that window.

Now is the time to announce a major tone shift, a major focus shift. To elevate Arab Spring management across the Middle East as our main effort. Not a war fighting operation, but rather a De Oppresso Liber, governance and populace healing operation.

Messages should be along the line that AQ is not the only hope for a better future, and that in fact their model is too destructive and contrary to the desires of the greater populaces of the region to bring true and good change. To announce large, major regional summit meetings with the leaders of the region to focus on how the US will change in how we move forward and how they must change as well in terms of how well they listen to and support their own people to maintain our full support.

"We all must change" should be our message; the US in our approach to foreign policy, and these state leaders in terms of their domestic policies. Not surrender; not run away; not step down; but change in positive and substantive ways to better hear and address the reasonable concerns of populaces newly and greatly empowered by the information tools of the modern age.



BZ to the entire team that executed this. Wonder if this is some vindication from s Special Operations point of view for Desert One/Eagle Claw. Looks like we put together the right joint and interagency team, with the right intel, with the right authorities and were able to conduct a long range helicopter infiltration and get on and off the objective with the mission accomplished.

The question for all the strategists is: How do we exploit this? Where do we go from here on Afghanistan and the "war on terror"? I sure hope we have had this contingency figured out and have a plan ready to execute. Rarely do we ever plan to exploit a success, we plan for negative contingencies. Sure hope we had this one thought through.