Bear With Me

My e-mail "box" is stacked up and I am woefully behind in answering your questions and dealing with your submissions (those not submitted to Peter). For that there is no really good excuse excepting that I am a bit overwhelmed right now getting my new small business day job solvent. There are times when I drag my tired old bones into the house and collapse on the couch and just keeping the SWJ Roundup going day-to-day can seem like a tremendous chore.  I hope to catch up early next week. Thanks for understanding.

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We need a "Food Truck Makeover" to the Small Wars Food Truck......with the Strategic concept of "Food Worth Fighting For!"

What can we do to assist?

Why don't you call it The Small Wars Food Truck?

You need a better Strategy Dave, you need better Targeting.

Excepting one thing that stirs me - killing spammers here on SWJ and on SWC. For that I would wake from a coma to do.