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Army War College Axes 10 Civilian Professors

Via Tom Ricks at his Best Defense blog: Army War College Axes 10 Civilian Professors.

At a commander's call earlier this week, I am told, the new commandant of the Army War College disclosed that 10 civilian faculty members are being let go...


Dave Maxwell

Thu, 10/25/2012 - 3:19pm

And the rest of the story. This is the Commandant's response posted on Tom Rick's web page in the comments section. There are other comments from anonymous people as well but this is the one that explains the situation:

49th Commandant USAWC

Tom -- thanks for great discussion and breaking news as usual -- and the students and I are looking forward to your next visit up here to discuss your latest book. I would like to give you and your readers a response to Alejandro's posting -- but please let Alejandro know that he can e-mail or call me for more information or, if he is your PME correspondent, he can engage me anytime about what we are doing here.

It is not correct and I want to post this summary of the current situation with background and some context. Prior to my arrival in June, the US Army War College went through a reorganization process that identified a cut of 17 civilians for FY 14; this would be Carlisle's "share" of an overall TRADOC personnel cut for that FY. This number, 17 (but not actual authorizations or positions), was passed to TRADOC at that time. I took command on 15 June with a directive from the Chief of Staff of the Army to do a 90-day assessment and report back to him, personally, on what it will take to make the US Army War College the premier institution for strategic leader development and a center of strategic thought on the global application of Landpower. It became clear to me during my assessment that the personnel cuts already in place from FY's '11, '12, and '13 -- due to abolished functions or simple efficiencies -- had timmed all the edges. I determined 17 was too great a cut in '14; I firmly believe I could only sustain a loss of seven more civilians, not 17, before I had to cut into "bone" -- our core function, education. Unfortunately, a bureaucratic process was ahead of my assessment effort and the number 17 had become a part of the POM-build process; I was required by TRADOC to send up all 17 line number/position authorizations. Before -- before -- I sent anything to TRADOC, however, I called my entire faculty into Bliss Hall auditorium and explained the situation personally. I took full responsiblity for the decision to have ten faculty positions among those 17; I told them in detail why I did not think other organizations at USAWC could sustain further cuts; and I told them I intended to work with my chain of command to recover those ten faculty authorizations prior to FY 14. We are required by statute to notify employees when their authorization has been cut, so, yes, eight faculty (10 authoirzations were sent in; two were vacant) were notified verbally by their Department Chairs last week and I will formally notify them personally and in writing soon. But aside from this required notification, I still intend to seek recovery of these authorizations. I cannot promise anything, but we are just at the beginning of some signficant changes here at The War College. Some immediate change has already taken place; my new Provost, Dr. Lance Betros, and I, along with our great faculty and staff, are planning more to get after the very direct guidance I have from GEN Odierno.

Tom, with your interest in PME, I would more than happy to discuss some of these with you when you come up or at a time convenient to you. Hope this information helps with understanding the posting.

MG Tony Cucolo, 49th Commandant