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Americans Shot in Mexico Were CIA Operatives Aiding in Drug War

More on Mexico's Federal Police firing on a US Embassy vehicle via the New York Times.

The two Americans who were wounded when gunmen fired on an American Embassy vehicle last week were Central Intelligence Agency employees sent as part of a multiagency effort to bolster Mexican efforts to fight drug traffickers, officials said on Tuesday...

The CIA declined to comment. But American officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release information, said no evidence had emerged so far that the Americans were targeted because of their affiliation...

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Conusltant In Action

Wed, 08/29/2012 - 12:27pm

Is this a surprise? We are at War with the Drug Cartels...The time has come for an all out assault on the Drug Czar Compounds.

How do you suppose these so called Operatives were compromised? It doesn't take much thought to answer this, there are many in the Mexican Government that are corrupt, and not to be Trusted. Many would sell out their own family members, this was an inside assination attempt.

The Obama Administration, they are themselves corrupt, Eric Holder, he is so Anti American, it's just disgusting. While so many valiant Men and Women from this country put their lives on the line every day for America,, this ingrate continues to be protected by the President. They both are avowed Socialist

Holder and Obama employed the Black Panthers to Inrimidate White Voters, he's a Racist as is Obama.

Until we address the Drug Problem as a War, we will not be having relief any time soon. This will take the US Military, the CIA to really take the lead, get the State Dept. and the Justice Dept out of it.

Now we need to have a conversation about Leaks in Government....Anyone that Leaks any information, no matter how sensitive, we will continue to be vulnerable. Those that continue to Leak any information, must be prosecuted. This is the only way it will stop. Punishment, huge Fine and loss of Security Clearance and Job...If the information is Classified, a Stiff Prison Sentence, 5 Year Minimum and then in a Maximum Security Prison. They would serve Two Years, the remainder on Work Release Electronic Monitor. Do you think that'll make them think twice. These Leaks aren't about Whistle Blowing, they are about everybody wanting to be Important. The threat of Prison will eliminate that. Others Leak for Political Posturing to advance either an Agenda or Candidate of Choice, these are just as bad as those that leak to feel important.

Bottom Line we need a change in the White House as well as some Career Bureaucrats....Electeds Come and GO, Bureaucrats go on forever.

The last paragraph in the article captures the essence of the issue.