Small Wars Journal

9 September SWJ Roundup


NATO Drive on Kandahar Begins, With Mixed Results - New York Times

Police Station Opens in a Disputed Afghan District - New York Times

Afghans Question U.S.-style Capitalism - Washington Post

Karzai to Limit U.S. Graft Investigators - Washington Post

Afghanistan Seeks to Dilute Foreign Anti-Graft Role - Reuters

Rights Group: Violence Threatens Afghan Elections - Associated Press

A Ghost in Kandahar - New York Times

Dr. Seuss and the Afghan Military - Wall Street Journal opinion


Pakistan Continues to Focus on Terrorists During Flood Crisis - VOA

U.S. Remains Committed to Flood Relief, Commander Says - AFPS

Drone Strikes Kill 15 in Northwest Pakistan - Voice of America

4th US Missile in 24 Hrs in Pakistan Kills 5 - Associated Press

Bomb Blast Kills 10 In Pakistan Tribal Region - Reuters

Militants Release British Journalist in Pakistan - Associated Press


U.S. Says Killings Won't Affect Iraq Mission - New York Times

4 Iraqis Escape From U.S. Custody in Baghdad Prison - Associated Press


South Korea Aims Sanctions at Iran - New York Times

South Korea Imposes Independent Sanctions on Iran - Associated Press

Iran Lifts Sentence of Stoning for Woman - New York Times


WikiLeaks Founder Entangled in Swedish Criminal Inquiries - Washington Post

U.S. Department of Defense

Bracing for Cuts, Military Firms Shed Workers - New York Times

Gates: The Pentagon's Accountability Cop - Washington Post opinion

United States

Clinton: Obama Foreign Policy Yielding Dividends - Voice of America

Clinton Speech Offers Policy Overview - New York Times

Clinton Declares 'New American Moment' - Washington Post

Clinton Says U.S. Benefits From Outreach to Adversaries - Wall Street Journal

Court Dismisses a Case Asserting Torture by CIA - New York Times

U.S. Appeals Court Dismisses 'Extraordinary Rendition' Case - Washington Post

Most Object to Planned Islamic Center Near Ground Zero - Washington Post

New York Imam Says Islamic Center Will Proceed - Voice of America

Debate May Drown Out Quiet 9/11 Reflections - Washington Post

Pastor, Despite Protests, Still Plans Quran Burning - Wall Street Journal

Pastors 'Plead' to Halt Koran Burning - Washington Post

World Leaders Denounce Plans for Quran Burning - Voice of America

Mission Fears Quran Burning Will Result in Christian Persecution - VOA

Torture Is a Crime, Not a Secret - New York Times editorial

The Healers of 9/11 - New York Times opinion

The 5 Percent Doctrine - New York Times opinion

United Kingdom

Blair Memoir a Hit, Despite a Few Hard Knocks - New York Times


Ban Asks Rwanda Not to Withdraw Sudan Peacekeepers - Reuters

New Schools in South Africa Serve the Underserved - New York Times

Prison Raid in Nigeria Releases Hundreds - New York Times

Americas and Caribbean

Clinton Compares Mexico's Drug War to an Insurgency - Los Angeles Times

Mexico Looking Like Colombia, Clinton Says - Washington Post

Hillary Clinton: Mexican Drugs War is Colombia-style Insurgency - The Guardian

Clinton Sees Insurgency in Mexico Drug Trade - Financial Times

Is Mexico at Threat from a Drugs Insurgency? - BBC News

U.S. Student Became Mexican Drug Kingpin - New York Times

3rd Mexican Mayor in Month Slain by Hit Men - Associated Press

Seven Mexican Gunmen Arrested In Migrant Massacre - Reuters

Mexico Looking Like Colombia, Clinton Says - Washington Post

Clinton Sees Drug "Insurgency" In Mexico And Central America - Reuters

Chavez: Foes Sabotaging Venezuela's Power Grid - Associated Press

Honduras Blames Drug Gangs For Shoe Shop Killings - Reuters

18 Massacred in Honduras Had No Criminal Records - Associated Press

Fidel Latest to Say Cuba's Communism Doesn't Work - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

U.S., China Seek to Mend Fences During Security, Finance Talks - VOA

U.S., China Avoid Touchy Issues in Talks - Wall Street Journal

U.S.-China Relationship May be Warming - Washington Post

China and Japan Bristle Over Disputed Chain of Islands - New York Times

China Boat Captain Could Stand Trial for Collision - Associated Press

China Anti-Corruption Boss Sentenced to Death - Associated Press

Tibetans Hopeful for Dalai Lama's Return - Washington Post

N. Korea Marks Key Anniversary Amid Succession Moves - Associated Press

Mysterious N.Korea Keeps World Guessing on Rare Meeting - Reuters

N. Koreans May be Frustrated with Government - Washington Post

Clan Planned Philippine Massacre Over Dinner, Witness Says - New York Times

Philippines Says Police Might Have Shot Hostages - Associated Press


Blast at Russian Market Kills 5 - Associated Press

Blast In Southern Russia Kills At Least 4 - Reuters

Fears for Turkey's Future Roil Vote on Constitution - Wall Street Journal

Middle East

Israeli Settlers Pressure Leadership on West Bank Settlements - VOA

Iran, Israel 'Meet' at Lebanon's Border - Voice of America

Maj. Gen. Israel Tal, Israeli Military Strategist, Is Dead at 85 - New York Times

Israel Tal, Father of the 'Merkava' Tank Dies - Associated Press

Egypt Pushes Back on Elections, Human Rights - Washington Post

Activists in Egypt Test Waters for Mubarak's Son - Washington Post

South Asia

Sri Lanka Ends Presidential Term Limits - New York Times