Small Wars Journal

9 October SWJ Roundup


Governor of Kunduz, 19 Others Killed in Mosque Bombing - Washington Post

Afghan Governor Is Killed in Blast at Mosque - New York Times

Afghan Governor, 18 Others Killed in Mosque Bombing - Los Angeles Times

Afghan Governor Killed in Bombing - BBC News

Coalition Condemns Afghanistan Mosque Killings - American Forces Press Service

U.K. Hostage Killed in Afghanistan - BBC News

Abducted British Aid Worker Killed In Afghanistan - Reuters

Four Italian Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan - Reuters

Afghan Rebels Kill Italian Troops - BBC News

British Aid Worker Killed During Rescue - Associated Press

Colonel Outlines Construction Hurdles - American Forces Press Service

Raisins Give Hope to Afghan Farmers - New York Times


Killing of Doctor Part of Taliban War on Educated - New York Times

Pakistan to Investigate Executions Video Dismissed as Fake - Los Angeles Times

Gunmen Torch 29 More NATO Oil Tankers in Pakistan - Associated Press

NATO Tankers Torched in New Attack - Reuters

9 Die in U.S. Airstrikes, Pakistanis Say - Associated Press


Iraq's PM Calls for Talks With Political Rivals - Associated Press

Historian Captures Evolving Story in Iraq - American Forces Press Service


Iran Says Ready For Nuclear Talks With Major Powers - Reuters

Iran Acknowledges Espionage at Nuclear Facilities - Associated Press

United States

Civilian Replaces General in Key Foreign Policy Job - New York Times

Jones to Step Down as National Security Adviser - Washington Post

Obama's Top Security Adviser Steps Down - Washington Times

Obama Praises Jones' Tenure as National Security Advisor - AFPS

Jones was Awkward Fit in Obama White House - Washington Post

Don't Try Terrorists, Lock Them Up - New York Times opinion

Unraveling the Torture Knot - Los Angeles Times opinion

United Nations

U.S. Calls for Withdrawal of U.N. Prize Financed by Dictator - New York Times

U.N. Weighs How to Answer a Knock on Earth's Door - New York Times


U.N. Presses Sudan to Allow Referendum and Avert Civil War - New York Times

U.N. Members Visit Darfur as Peacekeeper Is Abducted - Associated Press

In Somalia, Signs of Discord Appear in a Militant Group - New York Times

Americas and Caribbean

With Drilling Near End, Chile Rescue Enters Risky Phase - New York Times

Rescuers Expect to Reach Chilean Miners Saturday - Los Angeles Times

Rescue Near For Chile Miners Trapped For 2 Months - Reuters

Mexico's President Opposes Marijuana Legalization - Los Angeles Times

Lawmakers Urge Clinton to Ensure Haiti Elections Are Inclusive - Reuters

Asia Pacific

China's Liu Xiaobo Wins Nobel Peace Prize - Washington Post

Nobel Peace Prize Given to Jailed Chinese Dissident - New York Times

Nobel Prize Honors Dissident, Sends Message to China - Los Angeles Times

China Livid as Dissident Liu Wins Nobel Peace Prize - Reuters

Nobel Prize Is Seen as Rebuke to China - New York Times

Nobel Euphoria Fails to Mask Tough Reality In China - Reuters

Obama Calls on China to Free Nobel Laureate Liu - Associated Press

Europe Praises Choice of Liu for Nobel - Los Angeles Times

Mr. Liu's Peace Prize - Washington Post editorial

Liu Xiaobo - New York Times editorial

Changing China's Ways - Washington Post opinion

China Releases Japanese Man on Bail as Ties Ease - Reuters

China Calls U.S. A Pig In The Mirror on Climate Change - Reuters

U.S.-South Korea Alliance Remains Strong, Leaders Say - AFPS

U.S. and South Korea Reaffirm Ties - New York Times

North Korea Digs In - Washington Post editorial

Burma's Junta-Backed Party Announces Platform - Associated Press


Terror Suspect Is Friend of Man Convicted in 9/11 Attacks - Associated Press

Irish Police Arrest 9 IRA Dissidents, Seize Arms - Associated Press

The E.U. is Alive and Well - Washington Post opinion

Middle East

Arab League Backs Halt to Peace Talks - Washington Post

Arab League Offers Reprieve on Mideast Peace Talks - New York Times

Arab League to Give More Time to Salvage Peace Process - Los Angeles Times

Arabs Allow 1 Month for Deal to Save Mideast Talks - Associated Press

Abbas May Ask U.S. To Recognise Palestinian State - Reuters

Easing of Blockade Not Enough to Rebuild Gaza - Associated Press

2 Hamas Militants Dead in Israeli Raid in West Bank - Associated Press

South Asia

Bangladesh Storms Make Nearly Half Million Homeless - Reuters