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9 May SWJ Roundup

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Sunday and Monday News and Opinions

Al Qaeda

The Hunt - Washington Post series

Intel From bin Laden Raid Called a 'Treasure' - Washington Times

Obama's Team Sharply Divided Over Raid - Washington Post

U.S. Discusses Initial Conclusions From Recovered bin Laden Material - VOA

Official: Obama OK'd Raid Based on '50-50' Chance - CNN News

Obama: CIA's Evidence 'Not Absolutely Conclusive' - Washington Times

Divisive Deputy Seen as Next Leader of al-Qaeda - Washington Post

CIA Releases bin Laden Videos, Was Active Terrorist Commander - VOA

U.S. Releases Videos of Osama bin Laden -Los Angeles Times

Videos From Bin Laden's Hide-Out Released - New York Times

Bin Laden Shown as 'Active' Leader - Washington Post

Documents Show Bin Laden as Active Leader - Los Angeles Times

Intel Shows bin Laden Held Firm Control - Stas and Stripes

Bin Laden 'Controlled al-Qaeda' - BBC News

Bin Laden Compound was a Command Center - Reuters

Candid Videos Show Rare View of Unkempt bin Laden - Associated Press

Bin Laden's Secret Life in a Diminished, Dark World - New York Times

Helicopter Carrying SEALs Downed by Vortex - Bloomberg

Briefing on Bin Laden Documents - New York Times

Bi Laden's Legacy Alive in North Africa - Le Monde

Decade-long Search for Osama bin Laden - Washington Post

Reporter's Quest for Osama bin Laden - New York Times

The bin Laden Effect - Christian Science Monitor

Bin Laden Was Dead Already - New York Times opinion

Watery Grave, Murky Law - New Times opinion

Bin Laden and Geronimo - Washington Post opinion

Bin Laden's Death Changes Little - Wall Street Journal opinion


Pakistan-U.S. Rift Widens - Wall Street Journal

U.S. Raises Pressure on Pakistan in Raid's Wake - New York Times

U.S. Tests Pakistan Ties - Washington Times

U.S. Presses Pakistan on Bin Laden - BBC News

Security Crackdown in Abbottabad Follows U.S. Raid - Voice of America

Pakistan's Military Tries to Explain Itself - Time

In Pakistan, Calls for Resignations - Washington Post

Bin Laden Raid Sparks Rare Criticism in Pakistan - Associated Press

Was Bin Laden Really Calling the Shots? Doubts in Pakistan - Reuters

U.S. Asks Pakistan for Access to Bin Laden's Wives - Voice of America

U.S. Says It Wants Access to Bin Laden Widows - Associated Press

Pakistan's Terror Ties at Center of Upcoming Chicago Trial - ProPublica


Taliban May Be Considering Options - Los Angeles Times

Without bin Laden, Taliban May Talk Peace - Washington Times

Broad Taliban Attack Paralyzes Kandahar - New York Times

Fighting Continues for Second Day in Kandahar - Washington Post

Kandahar Taliban Attackers 'Defeated' - BBC News

Major Afghan Taliban Assault in Kandahar Kills 2, Wounds 20 - VOA

Taliban Attacks Government Sites in Kandahar - Washington Post

Insurgents Launch Deadly Assault in Kandahar - Los Angeles Times

Taliban Attack Afghan Government Offices in South - Associated Press

Taliban's Kandahar Raid Into Second Day - BBC News

Insurgents' Fight Halted on 2nd Day in Kandahar - Associated Press

Taliban Launch Wave of Attacks in Afghan Kandahar - Reuters

Interior Ministry: Fighting Resumes in Kandahar - Associated Press

Afghan Security Forces Battle Kandahar Insurgents for 2nd Day - Reuters

Afghan, NATO Troops Try to Eliminate Taliban Holdouts in Kandahar City - VOA

AP Interview: Petraeus on bin Laden-Taliban Link - Associated Press

Taliban Release Video of Missing Canadian - Associated Press

Taliban Say Bar Juvenile 'Beardless' Boys Among Its Ranks - Reuters

Boy Suicide Bomber Recruits Paraded by Afghan Authorities - Reuters


Syria Broadens Deadly Crackdown on Protesters - New York Times

Syria Crackdown Escalates, Spreads - Washington Post

Syrian Army 'Surrounds Damascus Suburb' - BBC News

Assad's Reformist Image Falters - Washington Post

Syrian Troops Reportedly Enter Restive Banias - New York Times

Syrian Troops Storm Northern Town - Washington Post

Rights Groups: Syrian Forces Raid More Cities - Voice of America

Sluggish on Syria - Washington Post opinion

Libya / Operation Odyssey Dawn

Supplies Running Low in Besieged Rebel City - Los Angeles Times

Libya Strikes Fuel Supply in City Held by Rebels - New York Times

Gaddafi Forces Bomb Fuel Depots - Washington Post

Libyan Forces Destroy Key Fuel Supply in Misurata -Los Angeles Times

Gadhafi Forces Bear Down on Western Libya - Voice of America

Gaddafi 'Shoot 'N Scoot' Frustrates NATO in Misrata - Reuters

Shortages Choke Tripoli as Sanctions Take Hold - Associated Press


Yemeni Security Forces Fire on Protesters, 3 Dead - Associated Press


Egypt to Use 'Iron Hand' for Security After Deadly Sectarian Violence - VOA

Egypt Warns of 'Iron Fist' Response After Clashes - BBC News

Clashes Leave 12 Dead and 2 Churches in Flames - New York Times

12 Dead as Christians and Muslims Clash - Washington Post

12 Dead in Muslim-Christian Clashes in Egypt - Los Angeles Times

Egypt PM in Urgent Talks over Muslim-Christian Clashes - BBC News

Church Burning Deepens Tumult of Egypt Transition - Associated Press

Egypt Religious Strife Kills 12, Challenges Government - Reuters

Muslim-Christian Clashes Kill 5 in West Cairo - Associated Press

Egypt's New Foreign Policy Tests Old Alliances - Los Angeles Times

U.S. Plans Debt Relief for Egypt - Washington Post


Thousands Demand Reform in Morocco Rally - Reuters


Attempted Baghdad Prison Break Kills 17 - Voice of America

Officers and Inmates Are Killed in Iraq Jail Revolt - New York Times

17 Killed in Al-Qaida Assault on Iraqi Prison - Associated Press

Al Qaeda Leader, 17 Others Killed in Iraq Jail Clash - Reuters

Officials: 5 Killed in a Robbery North of Baghdad - Associated Press


Analysis: Deep Echoes of Iran Political Tremors - Associated Press


Bahrain Says It Will End State of Emergency - New York Times

Bahrain: Order to End Emergency Rule - Washington Post

Bahrain to Lift State of Emergency From June 1 - Reuters

A Reformer Who Needs Our Help - Washington Post opinion

Israel / Palestinians

Abbas Urges Continuation of U.S. Aid Despite Agreement - New York Times

Israeli Strike on Iran 'Stupid,' Ex-Spy Chief Says -New York Times

Israel's Arab Minority to Get TV Station - Associated Press

The Time for Posturing is Over - Le Monde editorial

A Fatah-Hamas Deal - New York Times editorial

Middle East / North Africa Unrest

End of Mideast Wholesale - New York Times opinion

U.S. Department of Defense

Adm. William McRaven's 'Spec Ops' - Washington Post

New Army Chief of Staff Eyes Big Changes - Army Times

Social Media Alter Diplomacy, Military Tactics - McClatchy Newspapers

Health Care Costs a Hefty Price Tag for Pentagon - Associated Press

How to Cut the Military - New York Times opinion

World's Navies

Aircraft Carriers Gain Clout in Naval Power - Associated Press

United States

Smugglers Guide Illegal Immigrants via Cellphone Cues - New York Times

The White House's Bedtime Bombshell - New York Times

NY Lawmakers Eye bin Laden Bounty for 9/11 Victims - Associated Press

In Kansas Courtroom, Echoes of Rwanda Genocide - New York Times

SecDef Gates Urges Graduates to Consider Public Service - AFPS

Why We Celebrate a Killing - New York Times opinion

Whose Foreign Policy Is It? - New York Times opinion


Diplomats Urge Compromise Over S. Sudan Region - Associated Press

Gunmen Attack Village Killing 16 in Nigeria - Voice of America

Nigeria Opposition Goes to Court Over Election Result - Reuters

New Ivory Coast Mass Graves Found - BBC News

High-Level Corruption Cases Mount in South Africa - Associated Press


In Mexico City, Crowds Protest Drug Violence - Los Angeles Times

Tens of Thousands March in Mexico Against Violence - New York Times

Thousands March Against Violence in Mexico City - Associated Press

Thousands of Mexicans March to Protest Drug War - Reuters

Mexican Police Capture Suspected Drug Gang Leader - Associated Press

U.S.-Bred Criminal Accused in Mexico Mass Killings - Associated Press

Polls Show Fujimori Gaining in Tight Peru Race - Reuters

Ecuador's Correa Declares Referendum Victory - Associated Press

Ecuador Leader Plans Court Revamp After Vote Boost - Reuters

Police Chief, Son Killed in Western Venezuela - Associated Press

Cubans to Learn Specifics of Economic Changes -Associated Press

Cuba to Finally Unveil Communist-Approved Reforms - Reuters

Cuba Dissident Dies, Allies Allege Police Beating - Associated Press

Haitian Lawmakers Vote to Allow Dual Nationality - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

Japan Reaffirms Nuclear Energy Use - New York Times

Japan Expected to Shut Nuclear Plant Over Quake Worries - Reuters

Japan MoD Backs Plan to Keep Marine Air on Okinawa - Stars and Stripes

Beijing Blames Foreigners for Its Fears of Unrest - New York Times

U.S.-China to Tackle Thorny Issues - BBC News

Talks Between U.S. and China Aim to Keep Irritants in Check - Reuters

South Korea Ruling Party Mulls Policy Shift Amid Crisis - Reuters

Conflict and Controversy Overshadow Unity at ASEAN Summit - VOA

ASEAN Summit Fails to Resolve Thai-Cambodia Conflict - Reuters

Thai, Cambodian PMs Fail to End Border Dispute - Associated Press

Bombs Kill 7 Security Forces in Southern Thailand - Reuters

Suspected Muslim Militants Kill 8 in Thai South - Associated Press

Fresh Religious Tensions Brewing in Malaysia - Associated Press


Czech Police Detain Pakistani Terror Suspect - Voice of America

Five Killed in Clashes in Russia's North Caucasus - Voice of America

1 Policeman, 8 Rebels Killed in Russia - Associated Press