Small Wars Journal

9 July SWJ Roundup


Tribal Skirmish Threatens Broader Coalition Campaign - S&S

Night Raids Curbing Taliban, but Afghans Cite Civilian Toll - NYT

ISAF Nations Follow US Lead, Announce Early Drawdowns - LWJ

Contract for Afghan Police Training Still Lacks Controls - S&S

Face of Defense: Marine Mentors Afghan Border Police - AFPS

Police: Afghan Guard Shoots Dead 2 NATO Troops - AP

South African Gets 3.5 Years for Kandahar Stabbing - AP


Scores Killed as Violence Rocks Pakistan's Largest City - WP

Troops Ordered to Use Bullets to Quell Karachi Turmoil - NYT

At Least 80 Dead in Karachi Bloodshed - LAT

Shoot-On-Sight Order as Karachi Violence Escalates - VOA

Karachi: 'Shoot on Sight' Orders as Violence Soars - BBC

Pakistan Security to Shoot on Sight in Karachi - AP

Pakistan Condemns Mullen's Statement on Journalist's Killing - NYT

Pakistan Rejects US Claims Over Saleem Shahzad Murder - BBC


A Violence Rises Paratroopers Practice a New Mission - HP


Nearly Half Million Syrians Protest in Flashpoint City of Hama - VOA

Thousands of Syrians Protest in Hama Against Assad - LAT

Thousands Protest in Restive City of Hama - BBC

Envoys Stay in Syrian City Where Protests Continue - NYT

Syria Protests US Ambassador's Support for Demonstrators - WP

US Rejects Syrian Charge That Envoy Incited Protests - Reuters

US, French Envoys in Hama, 13 Killed in Syria - Reuters

Bolstered by Support, Syrians Pour Into Streets - AP


Niger: Libyan Conflict Impacting Sahel Security - VOA

Cold Gaddafi Threatens to Launch Attacks on Europe - DT

Gaddafi Threatens Europe as Rebels Renew Push - Reuters

Shouting, Libya's Gadhafi Lashes Out at NATO - AP

No Quick Fix to East Libya Woes as War Drags On - Reuters


In Yemen, Tribal Militias Flex Muscles - WP

Thousands Rally in Yemen After President Appears on TV - VOA

Competing Yemen Rallies Show National Divide - AP

Saleh Speech Underscores Yemen's Political Divide - Reuters

Israel / Palestinians

Israel Blocks Pro-Palestinian Activists' 'Fly-In' Attempt - VOA

Israel Blocks Some Activists, Deports Others - WP

Israel Blocks Pro-Palestinian 'Flytilla' Activists - BBC

Israel Blocks Flights to Protest Gathering - NYT

Israel Blocks Airborne Protest, Questions Dozens - AP

Turkey Insists on Apology to Normalize Israel Ties - Reuters

US Urges UN Sleuth Resign Over Blog Cartoon - Reuters


Tens of Thousands Jam Cairo's Main Square Demanding Reforms - VOA

Egyptians Protest Slow Pace of Change - WP

Cairo's Tahrir Square Fills With Protesters - BBC

Egyptians Protest, Demand Justice After Mubarak - AP

Egyptians Rally to Demand Faster Reforms - Reuters

UN Chief Urges Transparent Elections in Egypt - Reuters

Middle East / North Africa

Bahrain's Top Cleric Slams Reconciliation Talks - AP

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - AP

US Department of Defense

House Boosts Military Budget in Time of Austerity - AP

'Hands-free' Landing on Eisenhower Step Toward Unmanned Naval Flight - VP

Suicide Condolence Letters: Army Captain is a Dissenting Voice - WP

Military Suicides: Obama Seeks to Ease the Pain - LAT editorial

What Would Really Help Troubled Veterans - WP editorial

United States

Betty Ford, Former First Lady, Dies at 93 - NYT

Mexican's Execution Prompts Diplomatic Disappointment - WP

UN Official: US Execution of Leal Broke Int'l Law - AP

How to Treat a Terrorist Suspect - LAT editorial

Why Aren't There More Veterans in Congress? - WP opinion


US, Allies' Share of World Military Spending Shrinking - Reuters


UN: Africa Drought Endangers 500,000 Children - Reuters

South Sudan Becomes an Independent Nation - BBC

South Sudan Becomes World's Newest Nation - AP

South Sudanese Mark Independence From North - Reuters

A Party in South Sudan; World Leaders at Ceremony - AP

UN Security Council Votes to Bolster South Sudan - VOA

UN Approves 7,000 Peacekeepers for South Sudan - AP

UN Votes for South Sudan Peacekeeping Force - Reuters

South Sudan Says Can Live Off Credit if North Blocks - Reuters

A Look at the History, People of South Sudan - AP

After Years of Pressure S. Sudan Nearly a Nation - NYT analysis

The New State of South Sudan - NYT editorial

Nigeria's Maiduguri Bans Motorbikes to Stop Boko Haram - BBC

Nigeria: Thousands Jobless After Motorcycle Ban - AP

Senegal to Return Former Chad President Habre - BBC

DR Congo 'Rape' Colonel Kulimushi Surrenders - BBC

War, Drought Compounding Somalia Exodus - Reuters


At Least 17 Killed in Northern Mexico Bar Massacre - AP

Colombia's Santos Apologizes for 2000 Massacre - AP

Argentina: Presidency Challenged by Buenos Aires Mayoral Vote - AP

2nd Brazilian Official Quits in Graft Case - NYT

Brazil Prosecutor Charges 37 in 2005 Scandal - AP

Cuba Academic: Party Expulsion Order Overturned - AP

Asia Pacific

Vatican Condemnation of New Chinese Bishop Worsens Tensions - NYT

Japan Prime Minister Sorry for Nuclear Mix-up - BBC

Malaysian Capital Braces for Electoral Reform Rally - VOA

Malaysia Rally: Kuala Lumpur 'to be Locked Down' - BBC

Malaysia Fires Tear Gas at Protest, Arrests 644 - AP

Exxon to Face Lawsuit Over Rights Violations in Indonesia - Reuters

Philippines Probes Soldiers Over 2 Missing Women - AP


Germany Files Murder Charges in Shooting of US Airmen - S&S

UK: Former Aide to Cameron Is Arrested in Tabloid Scandal - NYT

UK's Cameron Vows Probe of Scandal - WP

British Tabloid Scandal Envelops Three Pillars Already Stained - LAT

UK Media Feels the Heat After Phone-Hack Scandal - AP

Georgia: Photographers 'Infiltrated Institutions' - AP

Nagorno-Karabakh Wants a Seat at the Table - WP

Belarus Protesters Find Inspiration - WP

Belarus: Europe's Last Dictator - WP opinion

South Asia

India Unprepared for Urban Boom - WP

India's $22 Billion Question: What to do With a Treasure? - NYT

India: Security Plan Ordered for Treasure Temple - BBC