Small Wars Journal

9 December SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


General: Afghan Reintegration Program Will Take Time - AFPS

Afghan Pass Shows Struggle of Handover - AP

Troops Get Supplies Despite Pakistan’s Border Closing - AFPS

Afghan General Survives Assassination Attempt - NYT

Let the Music Begin Again in Afghanistan - CSM

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Pakistan Mulls Deploying Air Defenses to Afghan Border - AP

Pakistan Deploys Air Defense Weapons to Afghan Border - VOA

Pakistan Air Defense Weapons Deployed to Afghan Border - UPI

Reports: Pakistan Army Believes NATO Attack Planned - Reuters

Clinton Rejects Zardari Rumors - WP

Zardari Diagnosed as Having Minor Stroke - TT

Attacks by Militants Down in Pakistan - AP

Pakistan: NATO Fuel Trucks Attacked - AP

Bomb Kills Three Pakistani Soldiers - AFP



A Wartime Leader Ends a War He Never Wanted - NYT

Policy Critic Sees Iraq Becoming 'Forgotten War' - USAT

As US Mission Ends, American Soldiers, Iraqis Reflect on Pain of War - VOA



Fear, Speculation in Iran Over Military Strike - Reuters

Iran Shows Footage of Purported US Drone - VOA

Iran Displays Downed US Spy Drone - WP

Iran TV Airs Video of US Drone - LAT

Iran Shows Video of Captured US Drone - AP

Lost US Drone's Sensors Could Hold Vital Data - USAT

RQ-170 Drone: A Primer - WP

Rekindled Mystery Surrounding Former FBI Agent Missing in Iran - NYT

EU Leaders to Call for More Iran Sanctions - Reuters

Lawmakers, Retired Colonel Voice Support for Iranian Exile Group - S&S

The Wrong Signals to Iran - WP editorial

A Nuclear Iran - WP opinion



In Protest, Islamists Quit Egypt Council - NYT

Muslim Brotherhood's Party Boycotts Advisory Council - LAT



Factional Splits Hinder Drive to Topple Syria Leader - NYT

Syria Blames Oil Pipeline Explosion on Sabotage - VOA

Attack Damages Syria Oil Pipeline - BBC

Syria Says Pipeline Blown Up by Rebel Saboteurs - Reuters

Syrian Uprising Divides Syrians in Golan Heights - VOA

Red Cross Halts Prison Visits in Syria - WP

In Syria, Expelling the Peacemakers - NYT opinion

Syria’s Grisly Descent into Civil War - TT



Militias Given Deadline to Disarm and Leave Tripoli - LAT

Libya Leader Says Militia to Withdraw From Tripoli - Reuters

Libya Will Allow British Police to Visit for Lockerbie Inquiry - NYT


Middle East / North Africa

3 Killed as Violence Across Israeli-Gaza Border Escalates - TT

Gaza Official: Israeli Airstrike Kills 1 Civilian - AP

Palestinian Killed in Gaza Strike - BBC

Blast Wounds French UN Peacekeepers in S. Lebanon - Reuters

5 UN Peacekeepers Wounded in Bombing in Lebanon - AP

Rival Yemeni Forces Quit Streets of Taiz - Reuters


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Defends Handling of Remains after Landfill Scandal - LAT

Air Force Apologizes for Disposal of Remains - NYT

Panetta ‘Comfortable’ with Response to Dover - WP

Probe Widens in Dumping of Military Remains - WP

General Explains Changes to Mortuary Disposal Process - AFPS

Pentagon Opposes Mental Health Program for Guard - S&S


United States

Obama Responds to Criticism of US Foreign Policy - VOA

White House Outlines Plan Against 'Homegrown' Extremist Threats - VOA

Measuring the Homegrown Terrorist Threat to US Military - CNN

Cyber-Intruder Sparked Massive Federal Response - WP

Operation Buckshot Yankee: Key Players and Networks Infected - WP

AG Holder, Grilled on Gun Inquiry, Says He Won’t Resign - NYT

Holder Refuses to Fire Aides from Fast and Furious Operation - WT

Clinton Urges Countries Not to Stifle Online Voices - NYT


United Nations

UN Human Rights Council Can Bring Progress - CSM opinion



Congo Election Results Delayed Again - VOA

DR Congo Results Delayed Further - BBC

Eastern Congo Braces for Election Results - CSM

Congo Awaits Election Outcome - AP

Kabila Likely the Winner of Congo Election - AP

Desperation, Hunger in South Sudan as Refugees Flee Bombs - VOA

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Calls for 2012 Elections - BBC

Somalia's al-Shabab Militants Rebrand - FP

Somalia: UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon Arrives in Mogadishu - AP

Somalia: UN Head Ban Ki-Moon in Mogadishu - BBC

Africa Reacts to Obama's Pro-Gay Rights Foreign Policy - CSM



Venezuela Candidate Vows New US Ties - WT

Indigenous Rights Campaigner Found Dead in Mexico - BBC

Colombian Rebels Insist on Trading Hostages - AP

Colombian Paramilitary Surrenders - BBC

Honduras Bans Motorcycle Passengers in Anti-Crime Move - BBC

Noriega Returning to Panama - WP

Panama Prepares for Noriega's Return - BBC

Pope Set to Visit Cuba Next Year - Reuters


Asia Pacific

China’s 10-Year Ascent to Trading Powerhouse - NYT

Nobel Winners Urge China to Release Liu Xiaobo - AP

Taiwan Vote Draws Mainland Interest, and One Mainlander - NYT

4-Nation Mekong Security Patrols to Begin Saturday - AP

Japan Defense Minister Censured for Subordinate's Comments on Futenma - S&S

Arrested Filipino Ex-Leader Moved to Army Hospital - AP

Philippines: Arroyo Speaks Out on Fraud Charge - BBC



Most European Leaders Agree to Work on Fiscal Treaty - NYT

EU-wide Treaty Change Bid Fails - BBC

23 EU Leaders Agree to Fiscal Treaty, Britain Blocks Broad Deal - WP

Britain Isolated as Cameron Blocks EU Treaty Change - TT

UK Isolated as Europe Agrees on New Fiscal Union - Reuters

Debt Crisis Brings Two Former Foes Closer Than Ever - NYT

Russia’s Putin Lashes Back at Clinton Criticism - WP

Putin Contends Clinton Incited Russian Unrest Over Vote - NYT

Putin Accuses US over Russia Poll Unrest - BBC

Russian Opposition Prepares for Massive Rally - AP

NATO, Russia Remain at Odds Over Missile Shield - VOA

Russian Social Network Rejects Calls to Block Opposition Groups - VOA

Russia Tried to Close Social Media Accounts - WP

Diplomats: EU May Postpone Serbia Decision - AP

Croatia Signs EU Accession Treaty - AP

Letter Bomb Sent to German Bank Chief - NYT

German Man Accused of al-Qaida Links Arrested - AP

Media: CIA 'Secret Prison' Found in Romania - BBC

Mr. Putin Seeks a Scapegoat - NYT editorial

A United Russia? Far From It - NYT opinion

The IMF to the Rescue - WP opinion


South Asia

Behind India's Reform Fiasco, a Party in Crisis - Reuters

A Tibetan Leader in India Faces Currency Charges - NYT