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9 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Report: Civilian Deaths Down but Gains ‘Fragile’ in Afghanistan - S&S

Marines Continue Pushing Enemy, Teaching Afghan Forces - AFPS

Fatal Attack Shows Plan to Unsettle Afghanistan - NYT

3 NATO Troops Killed in Konar - WP

Suicide Attack on NATO Patrol Kills 4 - AP

Citing Taliban Strife, Afghan Sikhs and Hindus Ask UN for Asylum - S&S

Error Over UK Troops' Body Parts - BBC

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Syrian Government Assault Targets Rebels in Aleppo - VOA

Aleppo Offensive Enters Second Day Amid Competing Claims - NYT

'New Strikes' on Aleppo Districts - BBC

Clashes Rage in Syria's Rebel Bastions of Aleppo - AP

Al-Qaida Turns Tide for Rebels in Battle for Eastern Syria - S&S

Decoys Part of Dramatic Defection of Former Syrian PM - WP

Syrian Refugee Camps Swell as Frustrations Rise - AP

Number of Syrian Refugees in Turkey Tops 50,000 - Reuters

Iran Sees Syria as Priority Issue - VOA

Iran Hosts Syria Conference, West Skeptical - Reuters

Iran: Retired Revolutionary Guards Among Kidnapped in Syria - VOA

Ex-Guards Among Iranian Hostages - BBC

Syria’s Hard Core - WP editorial

Iran’s Push for a Syrian Solution - WP opinion

Obama AWOL in Syria - NYT opinion

How to End the War in Syria - NYT opinion



Egypt Mounts Attacks on Sinai Militant Cells - WP

Egypt Targets Militants in Sinai - VOA

Egyptian Officials Fired After Sinai Killings - VOA

Egyptian Officials Fired Over Soldiers’ Killings in Sinai - NYT

Egypt Officials Sacked over Sinai - BBC

Egypt Fires Intelligence Chief over Sinai Attack - AP

'Fresh Clashes' in Egypt's Sinai Region - BBC

Near Miss for Kibbutz in Path of Sinai Incursion - NYT


Middle East / North Africa

Plots Are Tied to Shadow War of Israel and Iran - NYT

US and Gulf Allies Pursue Missile Shield Against Iran - NYT

White House Adviser Defends Yemen Counterterrorism Strategy - WP

Iraqi Officials Say Car Bomb Kills 11 - AP

Eleven Killed by Iraq Car Bomb - BBC

Swiss Experts Invited to Conduct Arafat Autopsy - AP

Standard Chartered Chief Rejects NY Claims on Iran - AP

Libya NTC Hands Power to Assembly - BBC


US Department of Defense

Defense’s Money-Management Woes - WP opinion


United States

Obama May Act to Stop Infrastructure Cyberattacks - AP

FBI: Gunman in Sikh Killings Committed Suicide - VOA

FBI: Temple Gunman Shot Himself; Still No Motive - AP



Nigerian Town Under Curfew After Deadly Mosque, Church Attacks - VOA

UN Considers Mandate for Troops to Mali - VOA

UN Chief Calls for Action on Mali - BBC

Mali Rebels Told to Cut Ties to 'Terrorists' - VOA

African Summit Fails to Agree on DR Congo Force Details - VOA

Leaders Fail to Agree Congo Force - VOA

Ivory Coast: Abidjan Tense After Soldiers' Killings - VOA

Swaziland King Open to Dialogue with Opposition, Says Adviser - VOA

Clinton Urges South Africa to Live Up to Mandela's Legacy - WP



Top Colombian Drug Lord Arrested - BBC

American Imprisoned in Nicaragua Gets Long-Awaited Appeal Hearing - Reuters


Asia Pacific / Central

China Inflation at a 30-month Low - BBC

Murder Trial of Bo Xilai's Wife Begins in China - VOA

China: Gu Kailai on Trial for UK Murder - BBC

Chinese Aim to End Bo Xilai Drama as Murder Trial Begins - WP

Murder Trial of Gu Kailai Ends; Verdict Later - Reuters

Taiwan Gets Two Mine-Hunting Ships from US - S&S

Japan, North Korea Hold Talks on Returning Remains - AP

N. Korea Famine Not Imminent but Flood Impact Not Yet Clear - Reuters

Burma Acknowledges Democracy Uprising Anniversary - VOA

Thai Court Delays Bail Ruling for Top Red Shirts - AP

Philippine Troops Assault Breakaway Rebel Lairs - AP

Gunmen Kill 3 Soldiers, Child in South Philippines - AP

Philippines Ramps Up Flood Relief - BBC

US Begins Agent Orange Clean-up in Vietnam - BBC



Book Details Soviet Plans for Post-Nuclear Germ Warfare on US - WP

Debate in Germany Over ‘Dangerous Jihadist’ - NYT

France to 'Return to Recession' - BBC

Russian Judge Sets Date for Verdict in Controversial Rock Band Trial - VOA

Russia: Punk Band’s Trial Offers Platform for Orthodox Protesters - NYT

Belarus Expels Swedish Officials Over Bear Drop - VOA

Belarus Steps Up Teddy Bear Row - BBC

Bomb Hits Bus Carrying Turkish Troops, 1 Killed - AP


South Asia

US Compensates Family of Shot Indian Fisherman - AP

Indian Yoga Guru Holds Mass Protest and Fast in New Delhi - AP

New Pakistani Premier Faces Contempt Notice on Corruption Inquiry - NYT