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8 September SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI


In a New Libya, Racing to Shed Ties to Qaddafi - NYT

Professor Rises to Role of Rebels' Prime Minister - LAT

Libya Fighters, NATO Focus on Gadhafi Strongholds - VOA

Fighters Head Towards Showdown With Pro-Gaddafi Town - Reuters

Whereabouts of Qaddafi Are Clouded in Confusion - NYT

Confusion in Libya Over Gadhafi's Whereabouts - AP

In New Audio, Gadhafi Denies Rumor He Fled Libya - AP

Gaddafi Denies Fleeing to Niger - BBC

Niger, Burkina Faso: Gadhafi Has Not Crossed Border - VOA

Niger Welcomes Libyans on Humanitarian Grounds - AP

Niger Undecided on Gaddafi Refuge - BBC

Libyan Envoys in Niger Urge No Refuge for Gadhafi - VOA

NATO Operations in Libya Questioned - VOA

Gaddafi’s Chemical Weapons Spark Worries - WP

Heat-Seeking Missiles Are Among Missing Weapons - NYT

Missing Weapons From Libya Arms Caches Raise Fears - AP

Italy: UN Plans Libya Political/Observer Mission - AP

US Not Satisfied with China Statement on Libya - AP

Libyan Estimate: At Least 30,000 Died in the War - AP

Finding Hope in Libya - NYT opinion



Syrian Security Forces Kill 11 in Homs - VOA

Syria Targets Homs as UN Calls for Action - WP

Syrian Troops Kill 6 in Anti-Protest Raids - NYT

Syrian Forces Pound City; Arab League Turned Away - LAT

Security Forces Kill at Least 11 in Syria - WP

Syrian City Crackdown Intensifies - BBC

Syrian Forces Attack Homs, Arabs Send Envoy - Reuters

Heavy Gunfire in Central, North Syria; 11 Killed - AP

Assad Has ‘License to Kill,’ Says Israeli Ex-Spymaster - WT

Squeezing Syria - WP editorial



Medal of Honor Recipient Saved 36 Lives During Battle - S&S

Kabul Rejects Jail Torture Claims - BBC

ISAF Operations Roundup - AFPS

Afghanistan Journalist's Sojourn in 'Strange Paradise' - LAT



An Open Secret: Drone Warfare in Pakistan - NPR

Joint US/Pak Raid Viewed as Rare, Hopeful Sign for Troubled Ties - VOA

Twin Suicide Bomb Blasts Kill 22 in SW Pakistan - VOA

Suicide Bombers Target Pakistani General - WP

Double Suicide Bombings Strike Southwest Pakistan - NYT

Bomb Threats Target Pakistan Jets - BBC



US May Delay Troop Pullout in Iraq - WP

Experts Question Value of Leaving 3,000 Troops in Iraq - S&S

US Debates Paring Down Mission in Iraq - AFP

Baghdad College and America's Shifting Role In Iraq - NPR

UK: Iraqi Detainee Inquiry Report Due - BBC

Iraq Loves American Cars - LAT


Israel / Palestinians

Palestinians Officially Launch Statehood Campaign - AP

US, Palestinian Talks End With No Change on Statehood Issue - VOA

Palestinians Urged to Drop UN Bid - WP

Obama Urged to Wield UN Veto Against Palestinians - Reuters

Israel Isolated Ahead of UN Vote on Palestinians - AP

Palestinian Hits Out at US Policy on UN Bid - Reuters

PM: Navy a Long, Powerful Arm of Israel - Reuters

Israel Arrests Hamas Militants in Death of British Woman - AP

Hints of High Life Sprout in Poverty-Stricken Gaza - Reuters



Egyptian Judge Orders Military Chief to Testify in Mubarak Trial - VOA

Military Rulers Called to Testify in Mubarak Trial - NYT

Mubarak Trial Continues - WP

Egypt Military Ruler Called to Testify - AP

Egypt Court to Hear Testimony From Top Officials - Reuters



Iran Warns Turkey About NATO's Defense System - AP

Iran Accused of New Sanctions Violations - AP

News Agency: Small Fire Hits Iran Oil Refinery - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Yemen’s Leaders Fail to Resolve Stalemate - NYT

Wounded Civilians Unable to Reach Yemen Hospital - AP

Bahrain Panel: 101 Activists on Hunger Strike - AP

Panetta Calls Arab Spring ‘Monumental Moment’ - AFPS

Latest Developments in Arab World's Unrest - AP


Al Qaeda

Panetta: bin Laden Expected Warning - WP


US Department of Defense

Panetta Assesses National Security Threats - AFPS

Odierno Becomes Army Chief, Dempsey Preps for Chairman Spot - AFPS

Odierno becomes Army chief of staff - AP

9/11 Attacks Influence Today’s Recruits - AFPS

9/11 Transformed National Guard - AFPS

Pentagon Raises Force-Protection Level for US Bases - AFPS

Top-flight Medics: Army Training Moves to Next Level - S&S

Department Seeks Balanced ‘Cloud’ Computing Solution - AFPS

Navy Corpsman Linked to Bomb Threat Surrenders - AP


United States

Anti-Terrorism Chief: No Letup in War on al Qaeda - WT

Post-9/11 Intelligence Reforms Take Root - Reuters

Scientist Pleads Guilty in Spy Case Tied to Israel - NYT

Prominent Scientist Pleads Guilty to Attempted Espionage - WT

US Scientist Admits Spying Charge - BBC

Senate Panel Moves to Freeze Pentagon Budget - AP

Federal Government Backs Solar Military Project - AP

Worst Fires on Record Ravage Texas - VOA

Police in Puerto Rico Accused of Abuses in Report - NYT

Soulja Boy Takes Heat for Dissing Actual Soldiers - VOA

Humanitarian Aid for Rape Victims - NYT editorial

Leaving 9/11 Behind - WP opinion

9/11 Lessons Maybe Learned - NYT opinion

A Post-Sept. 11 Scandal - WP opinion


United Nations

Peacekeepers’ Sex Scandals Linger - NYT

UN Peacekeeping Nations Consider Haiti Abuse Case - AP

Uruguay Apologizes to Haiti for Alleged Sexual Assault - VOA

UN Chief Calls for Urgent Action on Climate Change - AP



Somalia Transitional Roadmap Ambitious, Analysts Skeptical - VOA

Signs of Growing Crisis in Somalia - WP

Kenyans Worried at Influx of Somali Famine Refugees - WT

Seven Danes Head Home After Release By Pirates - NYT

US Warns of Sudan Border Conflict - BBC

US Urges End to Sudan Fighting, Clashes Break Out - Reuters

Nigerian Politicians Profit From Oil Theft - Reuters

Ethiopia Charges Swedish Journalists With Terrorism - VOA

Mass Escape from DR Congo Prison - BBC

Malawi: Opposition Wins Crucial By-Election - AP



Mexico Expanding Investigation of Deadly Casino Fire - LAT

Venezuela Poll: Chavez's Popularity Unchanged - AP

Brazil Rallies Against Corruption - BBC

Brazil: Troops Flood Into Police-Controlled Rio Slum - AP

Colombia: Uribe Accused of Paramilitary Ties - AP

Former NM Governor Seeks Release of American in Cuba - VOA

US Envoy on Cuba Prisoner Mission - BBC

Hopes Rise for Release of American Jailed in Cuba - AP


Asia Pacific

'Pacific President' Obama Behind Diplomatic Push - AP

US Wants to Work with China to Help Pacific Isles - AP

Muslim Militant Group Claims Western China Attacks - AP

Chinese Police Rescue 30 Disabled Men in Factory Raids - LAT

Vietnam Accused of Abusing Drug Addicts - NYT

Filipino Terror Suspect Likely With Splinter Group - AP

S. Korea Court Upholds Somali Pirate's Life Sentence - AP

China’s Rise Isn’t Our Demise - NYT opinion



Crash Wipes Out Elite Russian Hockey Team - NYT

Russian Hockey Team in Air Crash - BBC

Jet With Hockey Team Crashes in Russia, Killing 43 - AP

Russian Plane Crash Highlights Air Travel Safety Issues - LAT

Rendition: 'Secrecy Cult' Scorned - BBC

German Court Rejects Challenges to Euro Bailouts - NYT

Italy and Spain Pass Budget Plans - BBC

Italian Senate Passes Austerity Measures - NYT

German Police Detain 2; Search Islamic Center - AP

German Police Hold Two Men for Suspected Bomb Plot - Reuters

Romania Denies Hosting Secret CIA Prisons - CNN


South Asia

Officials: 'Terrorist' Attack Hits New Delhi - VOA

Indian Police Detain Three Over Deadly Courthouse Explosion - NYT

India Bombing Kills 11 Outside New Delhi Courthouse - LAT

Bombing at New Delhi Court Kills 11 - BBC

India Detains 3 People in Kashmir Linked to Delhi Blast - Reuters

Police Detain 3 as They Probe Deadly Delhi Blast - AP

Sri Lanka Civil War Panel 'Flawed' - BBC

Rights Group Urges Sri Lanka to End Detention Laws - AP



Thu, 09/08/2011 - 10:16pm

The map showing the lines pre and post 1967 clearly shows the logic behind Israel's position. That being said, I hope there's some peace in that region, which will likely only come with compromise. Even if that happens, peace may be disrupted by Iran and its desire to wipe Israel off the map.

It's a tough issue and not sure what the answer is going to be.


Thu, 09/08/2011 - 9:37pm

"Palestinians Officially Launch Statehood Campaign"

Well this is a decent idea, after decades of failed ones, that may help reduce some of the wide spread underlying issues in the Arab Middle East. We can not change the decisions that were made in the past, but we can make new decisions that can lessen the damage of those past mistakes.  With reference to this statement - "Families of the tens of thousands of victims of Israeli occupation, including those martyred, wounded and imprisoned, and countless others who were expelled from their homes or lost their homes and their property, hope that you will exert all possible efforts toward the achievement of the Palestinian people's just demands," This is true, and these events happened much earlier than land occupied during 1967. 

This is good, with reference to - "The campaign seeks recognition of an independent Palestine in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem — areas captured by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war. Israel rejects a return to its 1967 lines."  Why not. The predominately Muslim Palestinians were there long before the forceful resettlement of the Jews. The whole process was not handled correctly, and truly lead to future wars just like SECSTATE George C. Marshall had predicted.  We were a young global 1948 super power making immature decisions.  This possible solution which is being offered up by the Palestinians is fair, and could realistically lead to much stronger US strategic ties with the Arabs. It is a win-win solution.  

Lastly, we have more in common from a Judeo-Christian faith based country with the Middle East, than any other country in the world. Well, besides maybe South Korea.  I think this is a key point in making the relationship stronger for potential future strategic flare ups.  A better relationship will deter other strategic interests from other foreign competitors who do not share the same faith connections or values as the US.  Better ties means a peaceful future for all.  And Palestine is part of the equation to accomplish that.