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8 October SWJ Roundup

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Afghanistan 'Heading for Crisis' - BBC

Afghan War Enters its 12th Year - VOA

Afghan War Enters 12th Year - AP

Taliban Mock US as Afghan War Enters 12th Year - AFP

Navy SEALs Serve as Buffer Between Afghans and Taliban - USAT

What More Can and Should the US Military Do? - CSM



Turkey Exchanges Artillery Fire with Syria - AP

Turkey Responds to Syrian Fire - BBC

Rebels Clash With Syrian Security Forces Near Lebanon - NYT

Car Bomb Kills One in Syrian Capital - VOA

Residents of War-Battered Aleppo Struggle to Survive - VOA

Saudis Line Up Against Syria’s Assad - WP

Syria Opposition May Accept Role for Assad's Party - AP

A Revolt’s Extremist Threat - WP opinion

Time for a No-Fly Zone in Syria - Slate opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Romney to Call for Change of Course in Middle East - WP

Lebanon Says Israeli Planes Circled Airspace for Hour - NYT

Israeli Jets Stage Mock Raids Over South Lebanon - AP      

Mystery Surrounds Drone Shot Down by Israelis - LAT

Palestinians: Israeli Strike Kills Gaza Militant - AP

Rockets Fired into South Israel - BBC

Iran Takes Hostile Tone with UN Watchdog - WP

Iran in Subsidy Reform Rethink - BBC

Iran Gas Flow on Pipeline to Turkey Halted After Blast - Reuters

Iraq Executes 11 Despite Outcry - BBC

Amman Rally Calls for Major Reforms in Jordan - VOA

In Bid to End Crisis, Kuwait’s Parliament Dissolved - NYT

Libya’s Prime Minister Dismissed - NYT

Libyan Prime Minister-elect Ousted in No-confidence Vote - AP

Libyan PM Forced to Stand Down - BBC

No Escape from the Middle East - WP opinion

Drone over Israel Sends a Message - Commentary opinion

Leading from Behind While Iran Goes Nuclear - WT opinion

Iran Preparing for Nuclear War - WT opinion


US Department of Defense

As Military Suicides Rise, Focus Is on Private Weapons - NYT

Virtual Reality Therapy Emerging Weapon in War on PTSD - DP

Navy Corpsman Shot in the Head is a Study for PTSD - TT

Powered Up: Bionic Foot 'Natural' for Iraq War Amputee - CA

Military Funerals Under Federal Budget Strains - TW

Is Retirement an Option for General Accused of Forcible Sodomy? - FO

Lifting Obama's Gag Order on Military Chaplains - WT opinion


United States

Romney Strives to Stand Apart From Obama in Global Policy - NYT

Romney to Draw Contrast With Obama on Foreign Policy - Reuters

Intelligence Community: Revolt of the Spooks - WFB

Email Shows DoS Rejecting Request of Security at Embassy in Libya - ABC

Congress to Probe Security Flaws for Libya Diplomats - CBS

Missile Defense Could Raise Tensions Between US, Russia, China - AP

Analysis: How the Candidates Can Win the Veteran Vote - DDN

Group Sends First Rocket Under Deal With NASA - NYT

SpaceX Lifts Off with ISS Cargo - BBC

Romney’s Missing Foreign Policy - NYT opinion



Nigerian Troops 'Kill 30 Militants' - BBC

Sudan Orders Borders Reopened With S. Sudan - VOA

Sudanese Military Plane Crash Kills 13 - VOA

AU and Somali Troops Secure Town - BBC

Ivory Coast Reopens Ghana Borders - BBC

Rwandan Military Intelligence Tortured Civilians - Reuters

Mali in Crisis - WP editorial



Chavez Wins New Term in Venezuela - NYT

Chavez Reelected as President in Venezuela - WP

Chavez Wins Venezuela Election - BBC

Chavez Wins 3rd Re-election in Tightest Race Yet - AP

Venezuelan Expats Saddened by Chavez Victory - Reuters

Panetta Discusses Defense With Top Officials in Peru - AFPS


Asia / Pacific

Philippines and MILF Propose Peace Deal - VOA

Philippine Rebel Group Agrees to Peace Accord To End Violence - NYT

Philippines, Muslim Rebels Forge Peace Pact - AP

US and Philippines Start Training Exercise - NYT

US Panel: China Tech Giants Pose Security Threat - AP

US Security Warning on China Firms - BBC

House Panel Calls for Block of US-China Telecom Mergers - WP

World Bank Lowers China Forecast - BBC

South Korea to Extend Range of Ballistic Missiles - VOA

US Agrees to Let S. Korea Extend Range of Ballistic Missiles - NYT

S. Korea to Have Longer-Range Missiles Under US Pact - AP

Army Relocating Chemical Warfare Battalion to S. Korea - S&S

S. Korean City Declared Disaster Area After Chemical Spill - S&S

Burma's Suu Kyi Says Willing to Be President - AP



UK Warning on Defense Merger - BBC

Spain’s Prime Minister Takes a Gamble - WP

Corruption Is Seen as a Drain on Italy’s South - NYT

France Boosts Synagogue Security - BBC


South Asia

Pakistan Military Blocks Anti-US Protest From Tribal Region - VOA

Imran Khan, Codepink Blocked from Pakistan’s Tribal Area - WP

In Pakistan, Drone Protest Takes Detour for Safety - NYT

Pakistan: US Embassy Warns About Travel in Islamabad - VOA

Pakistan: Bomb Kills 1 Person, Wounds 10 - AP

India’s Rich Gain School Slots Meant for Poor - NYT

UK Police Charge 2 Over Indian General's Stabbing - AP

Sri Lankan Judge Pistol Whipped, Colleagues Strike - Reuters

Maldives Ex-Leader Arrested After No-Show in Court - AP