Small Wars Journal

8 November SWJ Roundup


Some Skeptics Questioning Rosy Reports on War Zone - New York Times

Analysis: Afghan Review Backs U.S. Plan Despite Violence - Reuters

U.S. Won't Know Pace Of Afghan Drawdown For Months - Reuters

Saudi Arabia Halts Afghan Mediation - Associated Press

NATO Allies Want Some Canadian Troops to Stay - Washington Post

Canada Considering Staying in Afghanistan - Associated Press

Tens of Thousands of Uncounted Ballots from Sept. Vote - Washington Post

Candidates for Parliament Protest Afghan Elections - New York Times

Afghan Polls Protesters Warn Of Possible Violence - Reuters

Afghan Soldier May Have Killed NATO Troops - Voice of America

NATO Investigates 'Deadly Attack by Afghan Soldier - BBC News

Marine Deaths Down Range Under Investigation - Marine Corps Times

Afghan Soldier Investigated in Killing of U.S. Soldiers - New York Times

NATO: Afghan Soldier May Have Killed 2 NATO Troops - Associated Press

Bodies of 5 Afghan Policemen Found in East - Associated Press

More Bodies of Missing Afghan Policemen Recovered - Washington Post

For Afghan Wives, a Desperate, Fiery Way Out - New York Times

Goldman Sachs Program Raises up Women - Washington Post


U.S. Concerns Grow as Militants Move Bases Along Border - Los Angeles Times

Barack Obama Criticises Pakistan on Terrorism Fight - BBC News

Two U.S. Drone Attacks Kill Nine Militants in Pakistan - Voice of America

Pakistan Drone Attacks Kill '13 Militants' - BBC News

Pakistan Says 2 U.S. Drone Strikes Kill 14 Militants - Associated Press

Funding Shortfalls Jeopardize Life-Saving U.N. Operations in Pakistan - VOA

Death Toll in Pakistan Mosque Suicide Bombing Over 70 - BBC News

Hope and Surprises in the Midst of Pakistan Horror - Associated Press


Obama, Indian Prime Minister to Hold Formal Bilateral Talks - Voice of America

Obama Calls for India-Pakistan Talks - Associated Press

Obama Pointedly Questioned by Students in India - New York Times

Obama in Mumbai Calls India Market of the Future - Voice of America

Obama Invokes Gandhi, Whose Ideal Eludes Modern India - New York Times

Obama Eases Rules on Select Technology Exports to India - New York Times

Obama Unveils Nearly $10 Billion in Export Deals - Los Angeles Times

Obama Announces $10bn India Deals - BBC News

Visit to Business Centers Prompts Look at Outsourcing - Washington Post

Obama Calls India Creator, Not Poacher, of U.S. Job - Associated Press

Indian Media Say Obama Visit Hitting Right Notes - Reuters

Yemen / Al-Qaeda / Terrorism

U.S. Deploying Drones in Yemen to Hunt for Al-Qaeda - Washington Post

Yemeni Judge Orders 'Forcible' Arrest of U.S.-Born Cleric - Voice of America

Yemen Judge Orders Arrest of Qaeda-Linked Cleric - New York Times

Yemen Orders U.S.-born Cleric Found 'Dead or Alive' - Associated Press

Al-Qaida Claims Mail Bomb Plot - Voice of America

Al-Qaeda Group Claims Cargo Bombs - BBC News

UAE Taking Al-Qaida Claim Seriously in Crash Probe - Associated Press

DEA Deployed Mumbai Plotter Despite Warning - New York Times

Al-Qaeda is Still a Threat - Washington Post opinion

Terror Reboots - Washington Times opinion

The Ashburn Jihadist Signals a Greater Danger - Washington Times opinion


Iraqis Sue to Stop Paying Lawmakers Until Leaders are Seated - Washington Post

Iraqi Politicians to Meet on Government Impasse - Associated Press

37 Wounded in Attacks Across Iraq - CNN News

Odierno, Crocker: Iraq's Future Still Hinges on U.S. Support - AFPS

Savoring Baghdad, Where Each Night Is a Battle - New York Times

Church Leader Urges Iraqi Christians to Quit Country - BBC News

Iraqi Christians Hold Mass in Assaulted Church - Associated Press


Greece Frets Over Turkey's Ties to Iran - Washington Times

Netanyahu to Press U.S. For Military Threat on Iran - Reuters

Israel's Barak Not Optimistic About Iran Talks - Reuters

Middle Class to be Hard Hit as Subsidy Program Overhauled - Washington Post

Obama's Game of Nuclear Chicken with Iran - Washington Post opinion

U.S. Department of Defense

Fresh Slate at the Pentagon Lies Ahead for Obama - New York Times

Rand Paul: GOP Must Consider Military Cuts - Associated Press

U.S. Forces Get Nod to Share Australian Bases - The Australian

Gates Says US Seeks No New Bases in Asia - Associated Press

New Criminal Probe Launched at Arlington National Cemetery - Army Times

USS San Antonio Officer Cleared of Negligence in Drowning - Virginian-Pilot

Gates Urges Congress to Repeal Gay Ban Now - Associated Press

Marine Commandant: Keep Policy on Gays in Military - Associated Press

JFCOM Spat Misguided - Army Times editorial


U.S. Sweetens Offer to Take Sudan Off Terrorist State List - New York Times

U.S. Offers to Remove Sudan Early from State Terror List - BBC News

U.N. Rejects South Sudan Calls For Peacekeepers - Reuters

Sudan Investigates Darfur Radio for Rebel Links - Associated Press

Ivory Coast Court Sets Date for Presidential Run-Off - Voice of America

Ivory Coast Runoff Set for Nov. 21 - Associated Press

Ivory Coast Constitutional Council Confirms Poll Result - BBC News

Ivory Coast Council Overrules Poll Challenges - Reuters

Ivory Coast Opposition Leaders Confirm Poll Alliance - Reuters

Guinea Votes in Its First Democratic Presidential Election - New York Times

Guinea Sees Big Turnout in Presidential Run-off Poll - BBC News

Guinea Vote Goes Ahead as Ethnic Tensions Simmer - Associated Press

Guineans Vote Peacefully In Presidential Run-Off - Reuters

Kenyan Policeman in Shooting Rampage - BBC News

Tanzania: Jakaya Kikwete Re-elected President - BBC News

Libyan Security Forces Detain 10 Journalists - Associated Press

Libya Orders U.S. Diplomat to Leave - Reuters

Somali Pirates Receive Record Ransom for Ships' Release - BBC News

Western Sahara Protest Camp Tests Morocco's Nerve - Reuters

Somali Pirates Receive Record Ransom - Reuters

Hostage Shot Dead By Somali Pirates - Reuters

Somalia: First U.S. Piracy Trial in More than 100 Years - Washington Post

Americas and Caribbean

Obama Voices Support for Mexico's Drugs Battle - BBC News

Reynosa Mexico: Caught Behind Enemy Lines - Los Angeles Times

Reynosa, Mexico: Where the Cartels Rule - Los Angeles Times

20 Killed Over Weekend in Mexican Border City - Associated Press

Mexico: Druglord's Death Could Empower Rival Zetas Gang - Associated Press

Gunmen Block Roads After Mexican Drug Lord Killed - Reuters

18 Bodies in Acapulco Grave Identified as Kidnapping Victims - New York Times

Mexico: 18 in Grave Are Missing Acapulco Travelers - Associated Press

Younger Cartel Hit Men to Blame for More Mexico Massacres - El Paso Times

In Venezuela, a New Wave of Foreigners - New York Times

Peru Officials: American Berenson to be Released Monday - Associated Press

Cuba Urged to Free More Prisoners - BBC News

Cuba Hits Deadline to Release Political Prisoners - Associated Press

Cuba Missed Prisoner Release Deadline - Reuters

Tomas Weakens After Hitting Haiti - Reuters

USS Iwo Jima Stands Ready to Assist in Haiti - AFPS

As Haiti Suffers, the World Dozes - Washington Post editorial

Asia Pacific

U.S. Seeks to Expand Military Presence in Asia - BBC News

U.S.-China Relationship Shifts Toward Deep Mistrust - Washington Post

Burma Voting Ends Amid Growing Criticism - Voice of America

Western States Dismiss Burma's Election - BBC News

Obama: Burma Vote "Anything but Free and Fair" - Washington Times

Voter Turnout Appears Light in Burma - New York Times

Burma Holds 1s Election in 20 Years, Results Preordained - Los Angeles Times

Burmese Hold Elections for First Time in 20 Years - Washington Post

Burma Army-Backed Parties Set to Sweep Rare Poll - Reuters

Burma Set for Elections, Military to Stay in Power - Voice of America

Turnout Appears Light in Burma's Election - New York Times

Burma's Elections Dominated by Military-Backed Political Parties - VOA

Burma Holds First National Election for 20 Years - BBC News

Burma Holds Rare Elections Amid Heavy Criticism - Associated Press

Burma Votes In First Election In 20 Years - Reuters

IMF Gives China More Voting Power - Voice of America

Tens of Thousands Protest G-20 Summit in Seoul - Voice of America

Workers, Citizens Rally Against G-20 in S. Korea - Associated Press

USFK: Security Measures, Restrictions Ahead of G-20 - Stars and Stripes

United States Urges Fiji to Return to Democracy - Reuters

U.S. Worries that Terrorism on Upswing in Indonesia - Associated Press

Death Toll From Indonesian Volcano Rises to 132 - Voice of America

North / South Caucasus

The Diary of a Killer in Chechnya - New York Times

Azerbaijan Votes for New Parliament - BBC News

Voters Choose New Parliament in Azerbaijan - Associated Press

Azerbaijan Election to Extend Rule Of Aliyev Party - Reuters


Irish Debt Woes Revive Concern About Europe - New York Times

U.S. Election Could Derail Relations With Russia - New York Times

Russian Journalist Brutally Beaten in Moscow - New York Times

Russian Journalist Brutally Attacked in Moscow - Los Angeles Times

Russia: Medvedev Vetoes Curbs on Protests - Reuters

Germany Minister Now Warns Of Terror Attack Threat - Reuters

Italian Leader Urged to Resign By Former Ally - New York Times

Italy: Former Ally Urges Berlusconi to Resign - Associated Press

Italy: Another Berlusconi Scandal - Associated Press

In Vote, Greek Leader Faces Anger - New York Times

Greek PM Drops Threat of Early Election - Associated Press

Papandreou Rules Out Early Greek Election - Reuters

Greek Socialists and Opposition Tied in Regional Polls - BBC News

German Riot Police Clash With Anti-Nuke Protesters - Associated Press

Day of Clashes in Germany Over Nuclear Waste Train - BBC News

What Price to Stay Free of Terrorism? - New York Times opinion

Middle East

Israel Confronts Flagging Interest in Military Service - Washington Post

Israeli Police Demolish Bedouin Mosque Rahat - Voice of America

Israel Demolishes Illegal Mosque in Arab Town - Associated Press

Israel Charges Imam With Incitement Against Pope - Reuters

Settlers Got Sweet Land Deals in East Jerusalem - Associated Press

Gaza Scrap Gleaners Risk Life Near Tense Border - Reuters

Israel to Quit Northern Sector of Lebanese Village - Associated Press

Islamist Boycott Dents Jordan Polls - Reuters