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8 January SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


US Accused of Abusing Afghan Prisoners - VOA

US 'Abused' Afghan Jail Inmates - BBC

Afghan Commission on POWs Charges US Detainee Abuse - AP

Cargo Drone Makes Debut in Afghanistan - AP

Tortured Afghan Girl Wants In-laws Jailed - AP



Lull in Strikes by US Drones Aids Militants - NYT

Official: Musharraf Faces Arrest if he Returns to Pakistan - VOA

Pakistan's Zardari Says Not Leaving Office - Reuters



UK Sending Warship to Persian Gulf Amid Strait Closure Fears - CNN

Bold Lie Turns Run-In at Sea Into Dramatic Rescue - NYT

Iran Welcomes US Rescue of Iranians Held by Pirates - VOA

Tehran Praises US Navy Rescue - WP

Tehran Welcomes US Rescue of Iranians from Somali Pirates - LAT

Iran Acknowledges US Navy Rescue - BBC

Iran Welcomes US Rescue of Sailors from Pirates - AP

Iranians React to US Rescue of Fishermen - NYT

Iran's Leader Looks to Latin America for Support - AP

US Eyeing Iranian Leader’s Trip to Latin America - WT

Report: Iran Begins Enrichment at New Site - AP

Iran Uranium Enrichment Site Operational Soon - Reuters

Iran Offers to Share Nuke Technology with Africa - AP



21 Dead in New Syria Violence, Activists Say - VOA

Defectors in Syria Seek Outside Help - WP

Arab League to Meet on Syria - BBC

Arab Ministers to Discuss 'Toothless' Syria Mission - Reuters

Arabs May Call on United Nations to Help in Syria - Reuters

Pro-Assad Crowds Pack Funeral for Bomb Victims - LAT


Middle East / North Africa

Iraq Turns Justice Into a Show, and Terror Confessions a Script - NYT

Israel Vows Hacking Retaliation - BBC

Pro-Democracy Demonstrators Rally in Bahrain - VOA

US Concern Over Bahrain Activist - BBC

Islamists Make Inroads in Egyptian Parliament - WP

Egypt Islamists Seen Winning Near Two-Thirds of Seats - Reuters

UN Warns Yemen Over Amnesty Plans - BBC

Rift Threatens Yemen Power Transfer Plan - Reuters

Sudan’s al-Bashir Visits Tripoli - WP

Sudan's Bashir Offers Libya Help - BBC

Sudan Leader Offers Help Disarming Libyan Militias - AP

Sudan's Bashir Offers to Help Form New Libyan Army - Reuters

How to Break a Mideast Stalemate - WP opinion


US Department of Defense

A Strong Defense for Obama - WP

End of the 9/11 Era - WP opinion

Obama's Modest Proposal on Defense - LAT opinion

Overspending the Peace Dividend - LAT opinion


United States

Pirate Capture Shows US Commitment to Free Seas, Leaders Say - AFPS

Agents’ Union Stalls Training on Deportation Rules - NYT

Overlooking War’s True Toll - WP opinion



Anti-Violence Curfew Imposed in Nigeria's Adamawa State - VOA

Hundreds Flee as Violence Rages on in Northern Nigeria - VOA

Nigerians Flee Sectarian Violence - BBC

Nigeria Sect Kills 15; Christians Vow Defense - AP

Nigerian Leader Defends Fuel Cut - BBC

Kenya: Airstrikes Kill 60 Islamic Militants in Somalia - VOA

Somalia: Kenyans 'Kill al-Shabab Rebels' - BBC

Aid Operation Launched in South Sudan - AP



On Stroll Toward Mexico's Presidency, Pena Nieto Stumbles - LAT

Mexico’s Election Draws Eyes From Across Border - NYT

Police Find 5 Severed Heads in Northern Mexico - AP

Mexico Goalkeeper Arrested for Helping Kidnap Gang - Reuters

Colombian Government in All-out War Against Drug Gang - LAT

Appointments Unsettle State of Venezuelan Politics - NYT

Venezuela, Peru in Pacts on Oil Investments, Trade - AP

Haiti 2 Years Later: Half a Million Still in Camps - AP


Asia Pacific

China Expresses Concern Over US Defense Blueprint - VOA

China Warns US on Asia Strategy - BBC

Philippines Accuses China of Maritime Intrusions - AP

N. Korea: Kim Jong Eun’s Choreographed Rise - WP

S. Korea Law Casts Wide Net, Snaring Satirists in Hunt for Spies - NYT

Japan Cabinet Being Reshuffled After Rape Gaffes - AP

A ‘Test’ of Democracy Malaysia Might Fail - WP editorial

The Myth of Japan’s Failure - NYT opinion

Dynasty, North Korean-Style - NYT opinion



Head of Russian Church Says Leaders Must Listen to Protests - NYT

Russia: Allies to Putin, Engage Opponents - WP

Basque Rally in Spain Calls Attention to ETA Prisoners - VOA