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8 February SWJ Roundup


In Egypt, U.S. Weighs Push for Change With Stability - New York Times

U.S. Eases Off Call for Swift Egypt Reform - Los Angeles Times

Cairo Demonstrations Hit Standstill - Washington Post

Despite Talks in Egypt, Protests Continue - Voice of America

Egyptian Leaders Announce 15% Pay Raises - Washington Times

Egypt Unrest: Public-sector Pay Rise But Protests Go On - BBC News

Obama Says Egypt 'Making Progress' in Negotiation - Bloomberg

Egypt Protesters Call For Push to Eject Mubarak - Reuters

Muslim Brotherhood Eyes Comeback in Egypt - Washington Post

Foreign Islamists Get Little Support in Egypt - Wall Street Journal

How Long Can Military Navigate Middle Ground? - Los Angeles Times

Protesters Restless as they Hope for U.S. Support - Washington Post

Cable Tells of Mubarak Resisting U.S. Calls for Reform - Washington Post

Cairo Seeks Business as Usual in Unusual Times - Voice of America

Egypt's Leaders Seek to Project Air of Normalcy - New York Times

Egypt Approves Raise for Government Workers as Protests Continue - VOA

Makeshift Clinics Treat Ill and Injured in Cairo - Washington Times

Amid Egypt Turmoil, More Clashes in Sinai - New York Times

Protesters Tell of Beatings While in Custody - Los Angeles Times

Egypt Releases Google Executive, Company Says - New York Times

Wrongly Choosing Egypt's Generals - Washington Post editorial

Is Caution the Right U.S. Strategy? - New York Times opinion series

Speakers' Corner on the Nile - New York Times opinion

Middle East / North Africa

Egyptian Upheaval Threatens Efforts to Revive Mideast Peace Talks - VOA

Tribesmen in Jordan Issue Call for Political Reform - New York Times

Lebanon: Hariri Tribunal Begins Procedural Hearing Ahead of Trial - VOA

Results: South Sudan Backs Independence - BBC News

Sudan Leader to Accept Secession of South - New York Times

Sudan Under Pressure After South Secedes - Washington Times

Flotilla to Try to Break Gaza Blockade in May - Washington Times

The Real 'Realism' on Israel - Los Angeles Times opinion


Afghan, NATO Forces Brace for Spring Offensive - Associated Press

NATO: Hundreds of Afghan Fighters to Lay Down Arms - Reuters

900 Afghans Militants Join Reintegration Program - Associated Press

Civilian Program Mentors Afghan Defense Counterparts - AFPS

Afghan, Coalition Forces Detain Suspects in Khost - AFPS

Suicide Attack Kills 1 in Kandahar - Los Angeles Times

A Blood-Stained Rifle in Afghanistan - New York Times


U.S.-Pakistan Relations Strained with Jailed Diplomat - Washington Post

Pakistan Launches Afghanistan Fuel and Goods Tax - BBC News

Pakistan: Pervez Musharraf 'Accused' Over Bhutto Murder - BBC News


Rumsfeld Admits 'Possible' Iraq Troop Mistakes - Agence France Presse

Marine Gets 6 Years in Prison for Iraq Fraud - Washington Post


Iran's Opposition Seeks Rally to Back Egypt and Tunisia - New York Times


WikiLeaks Founder Fights Extradition - Voice of America

Assange Back in Court to Challenge Extradition - New York Times

Assange at Extradition Trial in London - Washington Post

U.S. Department of Defense

Navy Drone Will Call Aircraft Carriers Home - Wall Street Journal

Report Calls for Restraints in Space Activity - Washington Times

Official Cites Need for Collaboration in Solving DOD Issues - AFPS

United States

Muslims to Be Congressional Hearings' Main Focus - New York Times

U.S. Mends Frosty Relations with Al Jazeera - Los Angeles Times

United Kingdom

U.K. Ministers 'Wanted Lockerbie Bomber Released' - BBC News

U.K. Report: Previous Govt Backed Bomber's Release - Associated Press


A.U. Mediators Meet with Ivorian Rival Governments - Voice of America

Zimbabwe: ZANU-PF Members Attack Foreign Business - Voice of America

Ethiopia Says 2.8 Million People Need Emergency Food Aid - VOA

D.R. Congo 'Gold Smugglers' Arrested in Goma - BBC News


Haiti's President to Stay Three Months Past Term - New York Times

Haiti 'Gives Ex-President Aristide New Passport' - BBC News

Asia Pacific

Is China a Measuring Stick or a Warning Sign? - Washington Post

S., N. Korea to Hold Military Talks Tuesday at DMZ - Stars and Stripes

North, South Korea Hold First Talks in Four Months - Los Angeles Times

Cambodia Reports Fresh Border Clashes With Thailand - Voice of America

Cambodians Are Evacuated in Temple Feud With Thais - New York Times

U.S. Starts War Games Near Thai-Cambodian Clash - Washington Times

Indonesia Demands Probe Into Attack on Muslim Sect - Associated Press

Indonesian Authorities Vow Inquiry After Attack - New York Times

Burma Opposition Seeks Sanctions Talks With U.S., Eur. - Associated Press

Former Philippine Defense Secretary Is Dead - New York Times


Chechen Warlord Umarov Claims Moscow Airport Bomb - BBC News

Moscow's New Armada - Newsweek

Russia Expels a British Journalist - New York Times

Milan Judge Frees Former Guantanamo Inmate - Associated Press

New Basque Party Launched, Rejects ETA Violence - Associated Press

South Asia

No Breakthrough in India-Pakistan Talks - Associated Press

Tibetan Lama Faces Scrutiny and Suspicion in India - New York Times

Opposition-Sponsored Strike Shuts Down Bangladesh - Voice of America

Floods Fury Returns to Sri Lanka - BBC News